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The MICE industry processes large amounts of personal data daily, be it new people registering as attendees, or professionals who subscribe to your mailing list to get more information. If the personal data is compromised and used without consent, your company is liable for not complying with the 9 main obligations of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore.

To help event professionals meet these obligations easily with their events, we have made GEVME 100% compliant with the PDPA. Our clients get a peace of mind when they receive new registrations for their events, and when they engage their attendees through email campaigns.

So how exactly does GEVME comply with the PDPA and make your job easier as an event planner?

Planning an event is certainly no easy task. A number of factors go into setting up a successful event – everything from the venue, date and time, to speeches, orators, and activities. These need to be decided on and organized in a synchronized manner.

However, one significant factor that acts as a bridge between planning an event and making the event successful is the registration process. Indeed, the effectiveness of the registration process determines how many people will actually turn into real attendees at your event.

Here are some best practices and tricks that you can adopt in order to design a seamless registration experience that your visitors will love.