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Wednesday / December 12.

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3 Amazing Event Landing Page Examples in 2016

The number of attendees will make or break an event. That is why we as event organizers have to spend a lot of efforts on event marketing, which starts with an event landing page. There is no better place than a well-designed event landing page to tell your audience exactly why they should come to your event and what values they will get from attending.

Today, we at GEVME will share with you the guidelines on building an event landing page that converts, and 3 amazing event page examples in 2016.

The 6 Elements of an Event Landing Page that Converts

#1 Unique value proposition

Your event landing page exists to serve one purpose: to persuade people to come to your event. As such, it needs to shout out clearly why people should choose your event over the others.

Think about something that the visitors won’t find easily anywhere else. It could be many things such as the first time in town, once-in-a-life time deals, world-famous speakers, a reunion, a competition with attractive prizes, life-changing knowledge, so on and so forth.

#2 Image

Do you like reading a flyer with full of text? No? Then you shouldn’t let your visitors experience the same pain. Convey the energy and excitement of your event through a hero image, or even better, a video.

Capture the best moments of your last events or product teaser images and make people feel curious and excited wanting to know more.

#3 Benefits

List out the solid reasons to go to your event. Remember to target the right audience. The benefits should be very straightforward, practical and appealing. If people have been intrigued by your event’s unique value proposition, benefits will nail the deal.

#4 Social proof

Humans, after all, are social animals. We want to do the same thing other people are doing. We want to follow the trend and be “fashionable”. We don’t want to lose out to our peers. So prove it, that your event is approved by the crowd!

#5 Online registration

Your call-to-action button “Register Now” or “Buy Ticket” should be placed nicely and prominently on your event landing page. Don’t forget to add a sense of urgency or privileges to your ticket policies to get people decide on the spot.

#6 Mobile-optimization

Over half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, so be sure your landing page is mobile-ready.

The 3 Amazing Event Landing Page Examples in 2016 

Enough of the theory? Let’s learn through the real case studies now.

#1 UXSG Conference 2016

UXSG Conference 2016 landing page

#2 Unbounce Call to Action Conference 2016

Unbounce Call to Action Conference 2016 landing page

#3 Tech In Asia 2016

Connecting_Asias_Tech_Ecosystem_-_Tech_in_Asia_SG_2016 Tech In Asia Landing Page

Do you have some additional insights about landing pages for event marketing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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