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5 Ways to Keep Loyal Attendees

Are you likely to put a lot of effort, time and resources into creating a fantastic attendance at this upcoming event and restart all over, acquiring new and fresh attendees again at the next one? Or would you rather be able to rely on a substantial percentage of repeat attendees to sustain your level of success at your next events? How do then ensure that once your guests attend this event and the next, they keep coming?

We have listed here a few ways as to how you can encourage some of your loyal attendees.

1) Incentives and Rewards


You may already have planned discount coupons and code and early-bird rates as part of your promotional campaigns, ensure that your previous and loyal attendees are among the first few groups to receive the offers. While it is obviously a great incentive for them to get their tickets early and encouraging them to invite their friends along, it also demonstrates that you value their continued support.

Simple and well thought out gifts or any token of appreciation can go a long way with your repeat attendees, making them feel special. It can be in the form of a special nametag or a pin to acknowledge their valued presence and long-standing participation.

These are ways to recognize the value and show your respect for their loyalty and encouraging them to keep on doing so.

2) Provide that little extra something


Your guests will value their experience and so, every single details about your event can motivate them or not, to return for the next one.

Providing a great experience for your attendee comes inevitably with the accompanying and commendable service quality. Your guests must feel the warm welcome from the moment they step in; very at ease, trusting and valued throughout the event and up to the moment they leave. If their experience proves to be the most enjoyable, they are likely to ask for more and come back for the next one. When it comes to returning guests, you will have to raise the bar higher and provide a little extra attention to them. They are not new and therefore, are not strangers but are rather friends; they require some additional care to make them feel special and happy to be back. These loyal ones need to be easily recognized from the crowd and special staffs assigned to them.

3) A Sense of Ownership


Gaining feedback through surveys and polls can enable you, as the event organizer, to learn and understand you attendees’ desires – allowing you to make the necessary adjustments for your next upcoming event. But there is more to it. In doing so, you are creating an interaction and engaging with your attendees and getting them involved. This is an important step in making them feel connected and implicated in the making of your event, instilling a sense of deep connection, which has the potential in nurturing your loyal and valuable attendees. Your success becomes theirs and they are likely to be there to support you again and again.

4) Urging engagement


Independent of the size of your event, you are likely to gain from focusing intently on attendee engagement and interaction and this will be even more effective with repeated and loyal guests. As a result, the type, quality and quantity of network created can significantly influence the success of your event since repeat attendees can turn be among your biggest marketing tools. By empowering them to create nubs with their own circles through live response tools and other social media, your customer base will increase.

5) Keeping your event fresh


While there are some things you may wish to keep constant and consistent, avoid rehashing any ideas, items, themes, speakers and entertainment that you have been covered previously, even if they were successful. You can learn from any past success and failure and improve on your overall strategy but every new event has to come out with a fresh new experience for your attendees to want to join you event after event.

But of course, it does not come easy to provide something really outside the box all the time as the organizer. While your team can be of a wonderful help to brainstorm some innovative ways for your event or to be presented there, it is also an opportunity to involve your loyal attendees to find out what they think and want to see next. They will be thrilled to know they can contribute in the process.

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