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Best Hosting Platforms for Event Website

best hosting platforms

If you want to share your event organisation knowledge with a wide audience and monetise your efforts, the best way to do this is online. Online platforms for hosting an event website are becoming increasingly popular, and the creation of online resources for event organisers is becoming a more straightforward, accessible and profitable business.

To comply with event hosting requirements and attract the right audience to your event, you may want to use professional platforms for event website hosting. We have chosen the 7 best platforms where you can set up your event plans and effectively manage the entire process.

Best 7 hosting platforms for the event website

The usable resources of the human brain are not enough to preserve and process every scrap of information about what is happening while organising events. Therefore, it is necessary to choose one main tool for the preparation and implementation of information technology projects. Of course, you may limit yourself to the standard set of functions in Excel, but there are a number of other very convenient tools for managing projects that we would like to share with you.

  1. Asana

Asana is an integrated task manager for project management that functions with teams of any size. Each team has the opportunity to organise a comfortable workspace for themselves, which includes many projects. This is not just a task list, but rather an integrated system of small tools that replace almost any task management application, as well as relationships with clients, projects, and more. While organising events, it simplifies the communication process, but it cannot reflect some aspects, such as onsite / offsite attendee check-in, and it does lack other professional features.


Slack is a multifunctional corporate instant messenger, which collects in one window a range of discussions on general topics, as well as chats in private groups and personal messages. Slack supports integration with a number of third-party services like DropBox, Google Drive, GitHub, Google Docs, Twitter, Trello, Jira, etc. The platform is able to completely replace internal email and messaging. However, it is useful for administration only and cannot substitute for all-in one event website hosting.

  1. 123ContactForm

This is a platform offering an elementary algorithm for creating HTML, contact, e-mail and any other web forms for registering guests for an event. 123ContactForm is integrated with other web services (like Google Drive), which allows you to automate data collection processes. It is possible to integrate one or several payment processors (PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe) using 123ContactForm so that guests can pay for attending the event.

  1. Anyvite

This is a convenient service for an invitation campaign to drum up event interest. The platform is distinguished by its convenient system for creating and designing invitation cards. Integration with Twitter and other social networks allows you to support the promotion of the event, which can be easily added to your iCal, Google or Outlook calendars.


Under the condition of free participation in the event, this platform provides services for sending personalised invitations, allowing online registration of participants, creating badges, etc. It also offers integration with payment systems to pay for events in exchange for a small commission. The Eventleaf service is universal and suitable for both master classes and seminars, as well as for large-scale conferences and exhibitions.


This is a free online tool for organising events. For free events, using Eventbrite costs nothing. When selling tickets from the organiser, it charges a small commission. The service allows you to plan an event, schedule a time and place, as well as register participants and much more


Google Drive is definitely not the best hosting for event website option when you need a large-scale all-in-one event management system. Everyone knows GEVME as a unified platform for storing and sharing photos, videos, text documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and can be well-adjusted for mobile use, tablet or computer, as well as sharing with other users to view, edit and download documents.

It is also an application for monitoring task status and supports comments, attachments, deadlines and checklists. A convenient interface and ease of use make GEVME a convenient task manager, offering maximum flexibility when managing event projects. It is also quite logical, easy to use, and sensibly priced. Prices are based upon the volume of work and the scale of the event desired.


Never forget that event organisers are artists. They are distinguished by their ability to combine individual fragments into a single, cohesive picture. However, an EO cannot translate ideas into life without the help of a good tool. Similarly, there can be no organisation of events without the appropriate tools. GEVME offers you a short list of the most convenient tools for organising events. In our list, we have included free services, especially services with a long period of free use in order to help you make the right choice for the best hosting for event blogging!

You are welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments below!

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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