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Wednesday / December 12.

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The Best Samples of Event Registration Confirmation Emails

The Best Samples of Event Registration Confirmation Email

Email marketing is one of the most effective event tools to help you get target audiences through the door. With the asset of online registration, event marketers can send automated confirmation letters to the attendees right after their registration has been completed. Let’s find out how to craft lucrative event registration emails that don’t leave anyone cold.

Why should you use event registration confirmation emails?

Confirmation emails are used in the frame of event registration for two general purposes:

  • to provide confirmation of participation and inform a prospective attendee about the basic event details;
  • to inform registrants about a successful payment transaction for a paid event;
  • to promote a referral program;
  • to encourage a registrant to sign up for the newsletter or to continue interacting with the event organizer in some way.

The elements of a good event registration confirmation email

Confirmation email

A good registration confirmation email is like a perfectly cooked recipe. If you have all the ingredients and know how to put them together, you’re bound to succeed. Check out the list of the essential elements that should embellish your event confirmation email:

  1. An eye-catching subject. Successful subject lines maximize the email opening rates. This means that if the subject of your email catches the eye of the registrant, the chances are high that the contents of the email will be successfully perused. The email subjects used to confirm registration should depend on the goals of an event marketer. However, there are some must-have elements that include urgency, relevance, and informativeness. In other words, to craft a clickable email subject, you should develop a clear purpose statement and express it as briefly as possible. To add an extra punch, throw in a bunch of creativity through the use of rhymes, idioms, or quotes, and reap the open rate benefits!
  2. Event reminder. You should remind people of what they have registered for, even if you run a stunning event website where all the necessary information can be found. Underline the event theme and the key dates, or add some new details to excite the registrants. There is one simple way to verify whether the content of your event registration email is reaching your targets: imagine that this email is the only thing that an attendee can consult on his way to the venue. Accordingly, it should include the essential details that get people through the door.
  3. No spammy words. There is a group of words that can make your event registration email land in a spam post. To avoid this, try to exclude the words like “free,” “promotion,” and “read” from the subject line. This way, you’ll ensure that no registrant misses out because an event registration confirmation email isn’t in his inbox.

The best samples of event registration confirmation emails

There are several aspects that make an event registration confirmation email successful: simplicity, brevity, and a bridge to further activities or company materials. To make this possible, one needs a flexible messaging system that helps customize event emails. Let’s have a look at the best samples of event registration confirmation emails:

The best samples of event registration confirmation emails

Why is it good?

This is a simple event email that includes the basic details, confirms the payment, and further activities. The confirmation details are bolded to catch the eye of the registrant.

Event email

Why is it good?

The registration confirmation email message sample from one of the major tech events, Web Summit, demonstrate simplicity is the sister of efficiency. The key perks: links to the relevant web pages help a registrant discover more about the event and its location.

The registration confirmation email message

Why is it good?

The sample of the event confirmation email from GEVME shows the benefits of high customizability. Personalize your event narratives and list the most critical details in an event confirmation email.

The common mistakes and how to avoid them

Email etiquette is very strict with event registration emails. To ensure that event registrants won’t change their minds about attending your event and get all the necessary information they require, you have to know the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Wrong name spelling. The golden rule of email marketing states: event registration emails have to be personalized through the inclusion of the recipients’ names. Failure to spell the name of a registrant correctly can be very offensive to a recipient and affect the event attendance.
  • No proper capitalization. Grammar and punctuation are very important when it comes to business email communications. Don’t forget to capitalizing proper nouns and the first words in sentences while writing an event registration confirmation email.
  • Use words with negative connotations. You have a new registrant! Woohoo! This is definitely a good thing. Try to sound as positive as possible while sending a registration confirmation email to your prospective event attendee. Show how glad you are to see this person on the list of registrants. Cross negative words like failure, delay, and trouble off your list.
  • Amateur signatures. Your event registrants expect professionalism in email structure. No matter how catchy and memorable the content is, an amateur signature, in the end, can really spoil the effect. Stick to the professional framework: include the name, job title, company name, phone number, and the website. Remember, a signature isn’t the right place for quotes or jokes!
  • Entire URLs. Don’t waste space in the body of your event registration confirmation email. Use hyperlinks or shortened URLs to cater to visual appeal.


You can find a huge range of inspiring registration confirmation email templates out there that can help you add a special flavor to an event promotion campaign. Capitalize on attendance in a smart way; craft seamless confirmation emails for your prospective attendees and get a zero “miss out rate” on the big day.

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