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Saturday / January 23.

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Best Tools for an Event Planner

What are the best tools for an event planner?

Do you know what the biggest headache for a business owner is? – A large-scale event on the horizon. Organizing for an event requires not only resources but also a selection of appropriate technology, the development of a winning strategy for attendees’ attraction and a range of other things to consider.

To tell the truth, it’s hard to imagine that even a big team of devoted event planners can manage the whole organizational process, without fainting from fatigue at some point. Luckily, nowadays we have the privilege of letting technology overtake the tasks that are hard for us to handle. Meet the effective event planning tools, which are made available to you, thanks to GEVME!

Estimate your audience with attendee registration services

Guaranteed fail-proof registration experience for your attendees, and don’t have any doubt that they will come to the next event that you’re in charge of organizing. Event check in tool from GEVME helps establish the standards for advanced ticketing management. With the help of registration forms and tickets, an organizer gets the chance to accelerate the process of attendee management. Both options present a one-step action that an event planner is offered to make when he/she develops an event page. The difference between registration forms and tickets relates to the scope of the ticketing format. Thus, if the users will be encouraged to fill in registration forms, the event ticketing will take a “single-ticket” direction. In the case a “tickets” option is selected, a complex system with group registration, price and ticket type establishment, will be presented to those, who access your event page. Convenient, isn’t it? And don’t think that GEVME check in tools for event limit your creativity! You’re always welcome to change registration configuration, according to your personal perspective.

Visualize your event with a Website Builder

Every event planner hopes that potential attendees will feast their eyes on a visual image of event page and forms that are presented to them.  A juicy design and an easily understandable format are great persuaders for visiting an event. With a website builder from GEVME, an event planner gets a great space for crafting an attractive event page, which will present it in the best light. The cool thing about the tool: an event landing page developed with the help of GEVME, will be not only good-looking but also be well-adapted to mobile. And that’s not all! The presence of social media, private events’ configuration, location setting – it’s all in there. Go ahead and check one of our most amazing tools for event planners!

Establish an effective payment system

Should your event be paid? Good for you! Do you know what will be good for your attendees in this case? If you will provide them with an easy payment processing system that will satisfy their preferences. GEVME never restricts attendees’ choices on this point! Creating a paid event with this software is really a cinch: a user can choose from the range of online payment options (PayPal, credit card, etc.) or give preference to the offline methods such as onsite payment, cheque or a bank transfer.

Treat your attendees as if they were your treasure

Attendees of the event that you organize are your listeners that are eager to know what the ideas promoted by you are, and what you want to achieve by bringing your aspirations to the larger public. The more people engaged in your activities, the greater the chances for building a devoted community.

For an event planner, who aspires to target the long-term goals, the interaction with attendees shouldn’t stop once the event is over. Maintaining regular contact with people, who hold an interest in what you do, is always of advantage. GEVME can help you keep your audiences intimate in a very simple way: by registering the attendees, the software will record all the key data like email, name, and phone. All you have to do afterward is contact the people, who once registered for your event, on a regular basis. Newsletters, promotional codes, and discounts, special offers, birthday wishes… Anything that will remind the audience of you, would be of benefit.

Try social media scheduling

Building a strategy for event promotion has to involve social media. That’s simply a must! The world of “emoji and likes” has long become a great place for thriving marketing. The event planner tools like social media scheduling are your true friends, who will punch you and cry: “Hey, you have a post to share.” Align your social media adjusted page on GEVME with the

Use the genius of ticketing services

Ticket your attendees the way they want to be ticketed! The smart setting for getting an event ticket, which GEVME offers, belongs to the best event planner tools. Think about your own preference: would you rather go to an event, the organizer of which, gives you a one-ticket option or give preference to the one, with diverse service packages and price options. We bet we know the answer!

Excel in your budgeting

A sad fact of the event planner’s life: a budget isn’t a self-refilling wine glass. That’s why your creativity is quite literally limited at this point. What

Checklist your tasks

Among all online tools for event planning, a checklist can be called the most widely embraced one. It helps you transfer the whole “responsibility cloud” from your head to an external source, which will store it in the “eternal-term” memory. For real, create a digital checklist of all planning tasks that you have to complete and walk the streets with a way lighter head.

Organize your event booking

If your event is just about to start, you surely have something booked. Facilities? Revenue? Furniture? Anything that might somehow embellish or simplify your event proceedings. If you were sustaining all the booking by yourself, you have our bow! It’s definitely not ducking soup! Tip for the future: use an event management software for organizing your booking and presenting your optimized event page to potential partners. That will make your work a bit easier.

Simplify event registration

In digital we trust. That’s not just someone’s moto, it actually looks like the 21

All tips collected in one spot, request a demo from GEVME and see how an advanced event check in system, complimented by some other software tools, can level up your expertise!

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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