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Tuesday / February 19.

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Corporate Team Building Event Ideas to Try in 2016

The best team is not the one with the best people, but the best people that work well together. A team that works well together is more efficient, more productive, and more successful. They enjoy working together. However, this won’t happen by chance. Beside sharing common goals and being clear about each team member’s role in achieving the goals, the team need to be comfortable reaching out to or discuss with one another about either problems or successes. This is when corporate team building activities play an important role in facilitating a thriving work culture.

There have been books and lists of activities that help you with brainstorming ideas for your bonding sessions. Coming up with a list of activities is like coming up with a menu. You don’t usually invent new food and you eat different dishes every day, but somehow it’s still difficult to think about what to prepare for the next decent meal. Anyway, here’s a list of corporate team building event ideas we use for our company that you might also want to try this year. You’re welcome!

CSR and Charity


What can you do?

Run for charity. Paint a school. Build a home. Collect and donate food. Organize a coastal clean up. The list goes on. Community Service team building events are ones that make people do good and feel good.

Why should you do it?

Doing charity work is a win-win situation. As a team, you can build bonds, strengthen communication skills and boost morale, while you make a positive difference in the lives of other people. Better yet, find an activity that reflects your company values. A campaign aligned with your core values can solidify them. It also demonstrates that your employees care about the issues that affect their company.

Outdoor Activities



What can you do?

Run a sand castle building competition. Organize a kite flying competition. Register everyone for an adventure course. Plan for a good old scavenger hunt game. A tour in your own city!

Why should you do it?

The fresh air, sunshine and exercise all encourage positive emotions while reducing stress levels. This will work wonders for people who work in rigid corporate working environment. Usually in that environment, colleagues tend to keep distance and be too formal. That might inflict tension on the team. Taking part in outdoor activities is a great way for them to be laid-back and sociable.

Comedy and Improv



What can you do?

Set up a few teams and get them prepare for a comedy or improv to compete with one another.

Why should you do it?

Fun, interactive and hilarious – that’s what comedy and improv are about. Your employees will be roaring with laughter while learning useful communication and teamwork skills. These competitive, fast-paced activities will bond your team socially and empower them on the job. A great way to improve communication while fostering essential skills like focus, trust, being present and making each other look good.

Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Having offices in Singapore, Myanmar, India, America and a few employees in Vietnam, the Philippines and Poland, we have remote teams that sometimes people who work together have never had small talks or never heard each other’s voice. Seeing that it’s unhealthy for the company culture, we decided to organize team building events for remote teams.

Conference Call Trivia

Divide into teams and play trivia. You can find good trivia questions and answers online, or create your own office trivia questions that involve things around your offices, your employees and your company. It’s a great way to learn about people’s non-work interests and personalities.


This is my favourite. You can create unique catchphrase pictures and post them on a Facebook page at, say exactly 2:00PM, 2:15PM and 2:30PM. The team or people that give the answer the fastest will win the game. The competition is very fun and easy to participate for everyone.

In conclusion

There are many ideas on how to run team building activities. There is even an industry dedicated to providing services for corporate team-building activities. However, the organizer should be sensitive in the sense that not everyone is interested in certain activities such as 10km marathon or group meditation. There are certain boundaries regarding physical contact and the disclosure of personal information. We should create a situation where people can unwind and interact more with their colleagues, and avoid embarrassing or uncomfortable situations.

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  • Thank you sharing. All great ideas. We are always creating new activities and it is nice to find inspiration shared.

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  • I agree with this post! There are different activities that can be done in a team building exercise but as an organizer, make sure that it will be fun and very interesting for everybody involved. It must be activities that help people to unwind, interact with each other and will avoid embarrassing anyone. I struggled with this when I was just starting out, but I got some help from

    • Hey Lucy,

      Thanks for sharing your own experience. This will be helpful for other organizers too.

  • These are really great team building ideas , I can’t wait to try some of these in next event of my company.

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    • Most welcome!

  • This is great! The best ideas so far. The business world can sometimes (or always) be daunting and we need to have that relaxing and unwinding time with the team every once in a while. Nothing beats going to beaches, but I must admit, the comedy or improv is also a cool idea. It will definitely be fun. Well, that’s probably obvious.

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