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Saturday / January 23.

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Free and Low-cost Marketing Tools You Could Use to Promote the Event

Free and Low Cost Marketing Tools You Could Use to Promote the Event

Event promotion isn’t such a big deal with the knowledge of good marketing tools. Now, attention please free or low-cost tools. The internet and its loyal pooch, social media, are too smart to use much of your money today.

To show how free and low-cost event promotion may extend your audience, we offer a podcast of tips and tricks on free marketing tools for event advertising.

Who is a recipient?

The advertising campaign for your event will never be a success if you don’t know. Who is on the other side, feasting their eyes on it? So, you’re a priority winner if you start with no advertising, without a detailed inspection of your audience.

The strategy for identifying the “recipient of your letter” is easy. Think about the people, who could be interested in the event that you’re organizing. Is it a tech conference? Then it’s not for us to explain that IT-specialists and marketers are the ones to be pursued. A presentation of an innovative healthcare tool? Those whose minds and hearts are fascinated by medicine would love to hear from you in this case. But don’t stop identifying the occupational field. Segmentize your audience, according to gender, age, and ethnicity -> win extra knowledge -> attract extra leads. See? Simple.

Offer your content, distribute your event tags

The hashtag is your key itinerary in the world of free event management tools. Create relevant hashtags that will help people find your event and distribute them on the relevant platforms. If your tag seeds find fertile soil, the new leads will be knocking on your door in no time. A good channel for distribution is guest posting.

Now let’s discuss the soil. We offer two major fields with guest posting opportunities:

#1:   Blog it. Guest posting is really a blogging thing. For sure because you can find thousands of personal blogs out there, the authors of which need promotion. Exactly, just the same as your event. So, why don’t you help each other? Find a blog, which resonates with your intentions. Ideally, the topic of the event that you organize and the main content themes of the hosting blog should match. Check how many readers it attracts. Then write a relevant article and provide tags, as well as the link to your event page, in it. That’s it. Wait for a new community!

#2:  Media platforms. Not only bloggers are willing to cooperate. There are many online platforms that want to attract new audiences or simply dilute their content with external ideas. Use the chance and multiply your event page views.

Secret weapon: Searching for guest posting opportunities can be made much easier if you apply smart online tools like MyBlogGuest or Blogger LinkUp that are perfect for setting a guest post offer.

Event community from scratch

You know what’s the best among free event planning tools? The opportunities for raising your own event communities. While you can’t always rely on someone from outside to expand your event audience, you can still create it from scratch. All you need is pulling the right trigger and sending the signal that will grab the attention of your potential attendees.

The presence of your event data on social media is a guarantee of attendee engagement. Apart from that, social media platforms provide great visibility for sponsors.

Here are some great ideas for getting a quick boost in attendee number through social media use:

Run a social media contest. This might sound challenging and time-consuming. But believe us, the results are worth the effort.

People adore competitions, especially when there’s a prize to be won. Go for it! Launch an online contest on one of your event social media platforms and then share it with all the others. Establish simple rules for the contest, but try to make it as interactive as you can. The winner gets a free ticket or any other creative prize.

How it can be. Event: focused on street graffiti. The audience to attract young people aged 18-28, interested in design and street art. Rules: ask your SM community members to take a photo in front of their favorite graffiti in the city. The winner will be the one, who gets the biggest number of “likes” under the photo. The prize: an event ticket.

In the provided example, the most meaningful word for you is “likes.” People, who’ll compete for getting the highest number of “likes” will, obviously, ask someone for help. This is where the audience growth starts.

Run a referral program. If you prefer being direct, just ask people to share your event information in a straightforward way. Think of an invite-a-friend campaign, which will be mutually beneficial for you and your attendees. Again, there’s nothing that would motivate people more than a prize. Offer a promotional code or a discount to those who’ll help you convert attendees and you’ll see results.

What’s more, you can make referrals work as event advertising tools for free! “Why would people help me reach new audiences if I offer nothing in return?” – this is what you’re probably asking yourself right now. The answer is more simple than you may expect: just because they like you.

Consider monitoring all positive social engagements. Make sure that you give attendees a chance to rate you. Once you get a high rate from the guest or a good feedback, don’t wait. Ask them to recommend you and you’ll get the formula work for you: positive event experience + human kindness = a mirror.

Engage Podcasters

Event advertising sites aren’t only focused on written texts. Some great platforms for reaching the audiences may operate on the basis of podcasting. The great advantage of advertising through podcasters is that they usually need large amounts of information to collect in order to build an engaging audio program. Make them an offer and let your event advertisement be voiced. A few of attendees will be reached for sure!


Good event advertising has nothing to do with money. Today, a free event CRM, a cheap event registration software, and a couple of online marketing tools are the ones to win the deal!

We know that we’re not perfect. However, we opt for self-improvement and innovation. If you have a cool idea on how to make your event advertisement visible and memorable for free, please be so kind to share your ideas under this article. Your expertise matters! Event promotion doesn’t require large budgets, get GEVME Email marketing app instead.

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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