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Saturday / January 23.

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How to Find Partners and Double Traffic to your Event Website

How to find partners and double traffic to your event website

Enhancing awareness about an event is your one and only safe road to attendees. Increase traffic on your event website, and a lovely “sold out” banner will pop up on the event page sooner than expected!

Ok, easy to say, but how do you actually make people have a look on your website and end up being your next event attendee? The three-step strategy here: boost referrals, establish beneficial partnerships, drive registrations. Treat yourself to the working tips on how to expand on each of these promotion aspects.

How to increase your referral traffic?

To generate traffic to the event website, especially if it’s not a widely-known platform we’re talking about, you have to work on it day and night. Not literally, but a hard work and dedication are what we really mean here.

Explore the whole list of possibilities that you could start working with to get more traffic to your event website right now. Many event page promoters make a huge mistake when they entrust the whole task to SEO. No way. While you’ll be waiting for SEO to produce a traffic boost, your event deadline will knock on the door. Take a grip of the tools that can drive the traffic today. Check out our lucrative 5-step offer that’ll make you a referral traffic euphoria.

STEP #1. Guest post in your niche

There’s no better way to link your event website with the wide audiences than guest posting on niche-related blogs. This marvelous strategy is widely popular for its mutually beneficial effects (you want to announce your event and a platform that hosts your guest post is, obviously, motivated to increase traffic on the blog). But! No guest posting without following these rules:

  • Stick to the industry. Posting on a blog about candies will bring no traffic if your website is a marketing event.
  • Make sure people can access it. To make sure that maximum people can see your post, cooperate only with publicly accessible blogs.
  • Let people know who you are. Don’t hide your name. To increase blog traffic and event website recognition, you have to be recognizable and easy to find.
  • Leverage on loud names and brands. To maximize the chances that you and a guest blog readers have something in common, dwell on the well-known personalities or brands specific to the industry.

STEP #2. Support local partner sites

That’s strange to hear, considering the age we live in, but you can also drive your traffic offline. “How can I improve my event website traffic without leaving a laptop screen?” – you are asking. No labyrinthine here. Just go to your partner sites and offer help:

  • Have a budget to spend? Great! Just provide your sponsorship for an industry-related event and let your name sound.
  • Don’t really want to spend money on sponsorships? You always have the expertise to offer. Speak at other events. Two birds, one stone: you promote your name and a local event.

STEP #3. Comment strategically on blogs

One more key to referral traffic enhancement is to make comments on the blog. Again: you make a favor for a hosting platform – you make a favor for yourself. Since good comments represent high content engagement, all blog post authors strive for gaining them. What’s in it for you? – Great linking, new leads. To maximize your traffic, learn the bones of strategic commenting:

  • Comment on niche-related platforms.
  • Make your comments sound to the point and resonate with the blog post contest.
  • Post early. According to the statistics, the first comments under blog posts get top traffic.

STEP #4. Get grip of ego-bait content

Feed egos of your industry forerunners. It’s a rule, which works everywhere, not only in event marketing, that people love being mentioned. Refer to the experts, bloggers, brands or personalities, who means a lot for your niche, and voila: new links from their side are feeding your ego in return!

STEP #5. Leverage on social media networks

Using social media for marketing isn’t a brand-new idea. But it works. Always. The statistics say that 61% of businesses, which employ social media, experience almost double traffic growth. Learn how to make social media work for you:

Partner for a seamless event promotion

Leveraging partnerships is the quite a strong wind to promote website traffic. If you get to know partners, who have the established communities in your niche – bingo! New traffic on your threshold. Have a look at the top tips for getting in touch with the partners of your dream:

  1. BE QUICK. The earlier you start attracting people – the closer is the results.
  2. GET INSIDE FIRST. Before reaching external institutions, research the networks that might be affiliated with your internal stakeholders. They’re always easier to engage.
  3. BE CRYSTAL-CLEAR. Define what you need to reach and state what you can give in return. Your partners like having all the instructions.
  4. GIVE TOOLS. If you have something to offer to your partners, do it smartly. Are you working with an event software? Offer it. Your gain is great: promotion within a promotion!
  5. SCALE IT. Inform your partners about the results, let them know that you are interested in what they think.

Getting more registrants for your next event

There’s always some space for improvement. No matter what your current event attendance is, you can make it better with the right agenda and some working strategies in the pocket!

Here’re the golden boosting rules:

  • Write right to the right (You’d better not pronounce it). To move your attendance rates along, you have to makes sure that you create good content that can reach the target audience. Announce your event in a juicy format: create a post release, employ the eye-catching images, leverage on video marketing and you’ll get discovered!
  • Push it. Sure, your content is fabulous, but you never know whether it’s going to meet its reader unless you promote it. Social media, CTAs, email marketing – they all promote content like profits.
  • Finish it right. It’s not enough driving your registrants to the signup page, you have to make sure they’re really going to make a magic click. Make your event registration page good-looking and informative to get the mission completed.
  • Hold it. A registration isn’t an ending point in your strategy. Send the confirmation emails and reminders, be informative on the upcoming event, and you’ll win a long-lasting relationship to your attendees!


Traffic is a halfway to winning great attendance rate. Don’t miss a chance to double your event website traffic by establishing beneficial partnerships in the niche and enhancing your recognition.

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