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Saturday / January 23.

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How to Sell Event Tickets Online

Find useful tips about how to sell event tickets online

The great event is just about to start? Congratulations on all the planning you’ve done! We know that was not an easy road. Now the last thing for you to do is rewarding yourself with an enormous number of attendees! This mission has to be accomplished if you’re considering ticket selling online.

Why is it so crucial? Just think about it: the virtual space is the place, where we stop by at least once a day. Social media platforms, webinars, blogging… Is it even possible to imagine a single day of our life without these things? Hardly at all. As an event planner, you can make the internet work for your ticket selling campaign and we will explain how to reach amazing results!

Ingredients for a winning online ticket selling recipe

  • Know your audience. If you need to sell event tickets online, you must understand, who wants to buy them from you. Dwell on the specifics of the event by constructing a wide audience analysis. Start with yourself: imagine that you meet a stranger on a bus and want to share certain information with him. How do you imagine this person? What should his/her profession or sphere of interests be, so that the message was understood and the conversation was productive? Visualize the image in your mind and make sure that you find a stranger from the bus in the real life.
  • Make an early sales round. “Start online ticket selling before the dawn and have them sold out till noon” – this is the golden rule of successful event organization. Early bird tickets attract a lot of attention since you should agree that a lucrative price is always offered.
  • Use the social media power. If you don’t know where to look for your attendees, try social media. We assure you that not only introverts are fans of virtual communication today. Social media creators are smarties, who make their platforms attractive for everyone: from a rock-is-my-life teenager to a super-busy company owner. Try to get a grip on social media resources and turn them into event ticketing services.
  • Facebook your event tickets. Do you know what’s the best thing about selling tickets on Facebook?  Large-scale audiences and quick multiplying. Think about it: Facebook has long stepped over the divides of the age groups. It’s used by people, despite a superficial number in their IDs, which also means that Facebook contents are shared by a diverse group of users. Give it a shot, and reach the people, who are eager to visit your events!
  • Assign responsibility. If you want to sell online event tickets, you’re within one millimeter of success. Don’t walk all the way by yourself! Let event promoters take on the responsibility and find the greatest strategies that will boost your sales numbers.
  • Be attractive. Online platforms open up unbelievable numbers of potential attendees for you, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they will all fall at your feet as soon as the event that you promote appears on the horizon. If you want to sell your tickets online, you must make sure that you make such stunning advertising for your event, that no one will be able to resist. We don’t want to disappoint you, but online platforms are thriving with contents that are meant to promote events. Think about the appealing graphic design and the content that will snatch a mind. Done? Now you have your trump card!
  • Blog it! Blogging is not merely for entertainment in the 21st century. This is a wonderful platform for marketing, selling expertise, sharing tips, and learning new stuff. One can find thousands of breathtaking blogs, which are regularly attended by millions and millions of people from all over the globe. Now think about the opportunities that this fact brings to you!
  • Correct. You can sell tickets for an event by advertising it on your blog! Don’t have a blog? This is not a big deal. You may also establish a contact with the bloggers, who, as you think, can be interesting for your potential audiences and ask them to tell the world about the great event planned by you.

2 Major Roles for Selling Event Tickets Online

How to sell tickets on event online? Well… there are many ways, but only 2 fundamental roles to start from. You might consider selling the event entries in two cases: if you’re a reseller or an organizer. Find the role that you embrace and have a look at the suggestions on ticket selling channels that we have gathered for you.

If I were a Reseller…

“Where can I sell my tickets online?” Is it what you’re asking yourself with a ticket pack in your hands, which you have previously purchased? In this case, we have several winning tips for you!

  • Reselling is not recycling…But close. Resale sites are the great platforms for secondary selling. They give you many great benefits, the majority of which is an enormous traffic. This means that you can reach many new attendees if people who are searching resell websites get across the tickets for your event. In these terms, a resale platform gives your event tickets a second life.
  • Online marketplaces sell smart. Marketing is about bending the rules. You may be surprised, but there are platforms, which will allow you selling the event tickets at the prices higher than those you have originally established. The most common examples are auction mechanic and eBay – the spaces for online selling, where you’re the boss.

If I were an Organizer…

If not me, then who, right? If this phrase sounds like a life motto, go ahead and decide where to sell event tickets online by yourself.

  • Social media and social media again. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin… No need to type the whole list here. You’re surely well-acquainted with all the popular social media platforms. Register your profile (if you still don’t have one) and start promoting bright selling posts.
  • Online forums. You can share your social media posts via online forums. Just make sure that you choose the discussions, which can be attractive for your attendees!
  • Be there for your audiences. Do you own a blog or website? Meet the best way to sell tickets online: guarantee your online presence. Be your own online ticketing service and win an army of devoted attendees!
  • Ticketing agents. Do you plan on organizing a memorable event, which is going to stay in your attendees’ hearts forever? Then go on preparing your mind-blowing cocktail of top-notch event services and let the ticket selling work be done for you. Ticketing agents know how to help you in getting a “sold out” status.
  • Self-service sites. Now, get ready. Brace yourself. We have the most amazing option for you: sell tickets for events online through a self-service site like GEVME. The fully automated system of event organization will deal with your tickets and many other planning aspects. Request a demo and see the service in action!

Selling tickets online is, definitely, not a one-way road. With a pinch of creativity, a handful of marketing genes, and professional tips, you will find your unique solution and hit a sold out strike! Start using GEVME Registration as the top solution for enabling online ticketing sells.

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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