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Sunday / September 15.

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Maximizing Your Event Venue

It probably took you weeks, if not months trying to find an available venue for your event, within the extent of your budget and that suit best your requirements. You have finally identified and confirmed one out of the lot although you think it is not the ideal. Now, how to make the most out of your chosen venue? Every venue, independent of your budget, has its upside and downside. The trick is, recognizing the potential of your chosen venue and, turning it into a great asset for your event instead of focusing on what could be better or what you don’t have.

Here are some tips to make good and full use of your venue to your advantage.

1. Develop a close-working relationship with your venue


This is pertinent and every other point will depend on this one. The venue has to become your ally, a friend. Once the venue is confirmed, you will have to work as close as possible with the venue to find out how you can make the most out of it for your event, resolve problems and find existing and any proposed solutions while mitigating the costs or at the very best, without incurring any additional cost.

The venue manager is a key person, as he or she knows well the venue. What is possible, what is available? He or she is the person with whom you will be working closely to make things happen for your event and within the context of the venue. Share all your vision and a detailed logistic plan and well in advance as much as possible. You would want the venue manager to be in the possible position to help you, not be put in any uncomfortable situation, during which it would be very difficult to get the support. Make a case for if your event is successful, it will as much the success of the venue, where both parties, the organizer and the venue will gain from it and therefore, working closely together within reasonable grounds, would be a good incentive.

2. Layout and flow


Irrespective of what your event is, an important aspect not to be overlooked is the functionality and flow of your overall setup for your event. Everything should be thought through and arranged for maximum efficiency and convenience. This can well determine the comfort of your attendees and how well your event is organized. Proper signage and directions are to be placed for designated private and public areas. Where are the washrooms? Make room for movement. Make space for people to mingle and socialize.

Based on your type of event, discuss the best flow of traffic with your venue and allow them to suggest what worked well from their past experiences and what did not work and why in order to make informed decisions. What are the best spots for placements of registration, tables and chairs, the stage and the possible locations for any event activities? Where will the bar be positioned and catering be displayed? Also, check if there are any adjacent balcony or lounge areas that your venue can provide and add to the whole event.

3. Amenities available


There is arguably no such thing as free services but you can certainly save as much money and additional headache if you are able to work with your venue for all, if not most of your needs for your event. If your venue does not have a kitchen for example, they are likely to be working in exclusive partnership with selected vendors. This can be a huge advantage in dealing with the recommended vendors since both the venue and vendors are used to each other and have an established working relationship. As such, you can benefit in efficiency and quality delivery for your event. The same goes for setup and clean up crews and when it comes to AV capabilities.

What else can you think of and suggest to make the most out of your event venue you have?

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