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Branding is an important aspect of any business. It is basically to create a name and an image of the business in consumers’ mind. When it comes to event organizing, event managers will find that branding plays a significant role to attract and retain attendees. Do you like an event with a forgettable name and that you can barely paint a picture of it in your mind? When I think back on past events I have attended, only a few of them gave me much to remember afterwards. Even fewer got me to think of them immediately when I want to find an event to attend or recommend one to my friends and colleagues.

Transformative, disruptive, revolutionary: as soon as a new technology hits the scene, there is a pressure within companies to get on board with it ASAP in order to be a part of the next big wave of change. From my experience, however, the relationship between technology and business – specifically the events industry – is a strange one, and deserves a more considered response.

We have all been there – you’ve done your job (excellently, I might add) for a good amount of time now and you’ve reached a level of competency that you yourself might not have envisaged a while back. There’s just one problem – you’re now experiencing burnout and you feel you need a break. In this article, let’s find out how, as event professionals, we can avoid that unfortunate familiar crushing sense of suffocation.