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Knowledge-based language is the new buzzword in IT. In the words of Stephen Wolfram, he defines knowledge-based language as “a language where a vast amount of knowledge on how to do computation and the world is built into the language.”

I took a look at the whole 12 minutes video and from an events marketing perspective, a few thoughts on how it could transform the events industry immediately came to mind. Here are a couple of thoughts and ideas on how knowledge-based programming can bring about a whole new experience to events.

Ever tasked to reach out to a much wider audience but not equipped with the necessary budget? Event listings is a great way to reach out to a much wider audience, without the associated costs, that is if you know where to look for such event listings sites. There are of course event listing sites which has the pre-requisite of using their event registration services, so we thought we remove that barrier of entry since there is no single event registration platform that suits the needs of all event professionals.