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10 Coolest Venues for Your Events in Singapore

Planning a cool, hip event and getting fed up to the ears with the same old event venues around Singapore? Besides preparing online promotion, seeking a place that will bring unprecedented experience to your attendees? Look no further. We have done the hard work of scouring for you. And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the 7 coolest meeting venues in Singapore for your events!

Tips for choosing big event spaces

Keep in mind that there may always be some amount of competition for a certain venue. Don’t wait too long before making your decision. Use some of the following tips for choosing affordable event venues in Singapore:

  • Consider the venue capacity

Matching the venue size and the number of guests is highly dependent on the format of the event. Maintaining a comfortable capacity in the venue depends on the interior, the availability of seats, furniture, etc.

  • Choose the venue location wisely

Safe parking, public transportation, location of the event area, and the venue as a whole are the first things your guests will experience. Therefore, this issue should be carefully considered. Be aware of any nuances of the city. If the time you are holding the event falls near rush hour, choose a location well away from the major roads and city life.

  • Check the weather forecast

When you choose an unusual or unique outdoor location, pay attention to summer terraces, rooftops or open areas, boats, or other outdoor spaces. Be sure to check the weather forecast for any unexpected conditions such as rain, wind, etc.

  • Mind the event theme

Depending on what your requirements are, specify whether the selected location is ready to host your event. The interior and infrastructure should fit well with the vision of the organiser.

  • Apply ideas to decorate the venue & increase attendance

Regardless of the event type or scale, as a rule, only a limited number of venues are available to decorate or brand.

#1 Singapore Flyer Private Capsule

Singapore Flyer Private Capsule


Singapore Flyer Private Capsule


The Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel with the height of 165 metres. Located in the heart of Marina Bay, it offers splendid 360-degree city view, which will cover the island’s iconic and historical landmarks.

Each capsule has a capacity of 28 pax. Outside food is not allowed but Singapore Flyer Hosts will let you choose from their selection of canapés, pastries, wines, champagne and non-alcoholic beverages.

#2 Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

Photos courtesy of Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

You guests won’t need to travel to English to visit a British mansion. The historic colonial mansion was built in 1918, Alkaff Mansion was conserved and restored to its glory of yesteryear. The mansion has two levels, an outdoor terrace and a romantic gazebo. The whole architecture is surrounded by lush greenery and chirping birds.

The first level seats 60 pax. The second level seats 100. The terrace and gazebo area for alfresco dining or cocktail party holds 64.

The restaurant serves Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner.

#3 Neo Yatch

Neo Yatch

Neo Yatch

Neo Yatch

Photos courtesy of Neogroup

If your budget allows you to charter a private yatch for your event, take your attendees on a luxury getaway cruise around Singapore’s beautiful islands. Some yatches offer extended trips to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The smallest Neo Yatch can host 12 pax and the largest one up to 35 pax.

With a range of menus from party packs, cheese platters, Asian and Western buffets, and BBQ, starting from $20 per pax. Your guests will be satisfied with the food experience.

#4 Oxwell & Co

Oxwell & CoPhoto courtesy of Oxwell & CoOxwell & CoSource

Oxwell & Co


First impression? This place is huge! The shop house has three floors. There is even a rooftop herb garden that serves the kitchen. Second impression? It is whimsical and out-of-the-world. Descend the dark staircase and find a secret cocktail bar. Find your way into a hidden lounge through the back of a picture. And don’t be scared if you see a crown hang upside down.

Maximum capacity is 20 pax.

The restaurant serves true good old British food and wine.

#5 The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

The White RabbitPhoto courtesy of The White Rabbit

If you like the whimsical feel of Oxwell & Co but find it a bit intimidating for your female guests, welcome you to another dimension of Alice in Wonderland’s world – the beautiful Fairy Garden.

The White Rabbit is a restaurant reopened from an abandoned chapel. It’s beautifully decorated around the concept of the white rabbit character in the Alice in Wonderland novel with even a secret “rabbit hole” tunnel.

The White Rabbit has won various awards including Singapore Experience Awards Best Dining Experience, World Gourmet Summit Awards, and Singapore Tatler Best Restaurants.

The capacity is maximum 150 pax for all kinds of magical events.

#6 The Screening Room



screening-room-08.jpgPhoto courtesy of The Screening Room

Do you know why people keep buying overpriced Golden Village’s hot dogs? Because food and movie is a perfect combination.

Host your event at The Screening Room and pamper your guests with an intimate theatre room and and extensive food menu inspired by the screened movies.

The boutique theatre room seats 35 pax and stands 50 pax.

#7 SEA Aquarium

SEA Aquarium

SEA Aquarium

SEA AquariumPhoto courtesy of Your Singapore

The awe-inspiring Open Ocean Gallery will bring your guests to a different world of the deep sea. From romantic weddings to corporate gatherings, this one-of-a-kind venue will stay in your guests’ mind long after the event. Sat next to someone awkward? Just point at the gigantic sharks and make polite chat about being eaten alive.

The Ocean Gallery can host maximum 350 pax, while the Ocean Dome and Ocean Restaurant are ideal for 40-60 guests seated.

They do not serve shark fins or sambal stingray if you are asking. There will be hearty beef steak, crackling suckling pig and crispy duck leg confit. However, their menu changes regularly so check with them to be sure.

# 8 Dancing Crab Singapore

Dancing Crab Singapore provides some of the best-quality seafood in the city. If you prefer seafood in authentic Singapore dining rooms, you should definitely organise your event at Dancing Crab. You can let your guests try the freshest seafood in Singapore at an affordable price in a cozy environment. Dancing Crab is available for various special occasions, such as parties, corporate meetings, dinners, and other indoor occasions. Rental rates start at $2,500.

# 9 Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar Singapore

This is a perfect place for trying various food styles and enjoying great drinks, regardless of event type. Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar Singapore is the best place to organise corporate parties, meet-ups, sync parties, and other social events. They have a potato pancake on the menu as well as crab cake benedict, various kinds of waffles, burgers, salmon, steak, and so much more. They offer one of the hip and cool event spaces in Singapore for a $500 minimum.

# 10 The Bar at Waku Ghin Singapore

This is a purely Japanese-style bar and one of the most unique event spaces in Singapore. The Bar at Waku Ghin Singapore provides incredible traditional Japanese-style cocktails, so this is the place for any cocktail parties or other events in evening attire. The Bar at Waku Ghin has a cozy atmosphere and excellent customer service, which makes it such a good corporate event space.  Event organisers already know how great of an option this bar can be, so don’t miss the chance to host your next event at The Bar at Waku Ghin.


Which Singapore event spaces do you like? If you have cooler venues in mind, share with us all in the comments section below!

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