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Wednesday / September 30.

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10 Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas

10 Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas

The fastest way to earn money for charity is to organise a charity event. However, the professional organisation of a charity fundraising campaign is a long process that requires a lot of detailed preparation. Let’s find out more about charity fundraising events.

About charity fundraising events

Charity fundraising event ideas include parties, auctions, balls, dinners, and more as a means of soliciting donations to support various funds: children, animals, the environment, human rights, people with special needs, etc. Once you have a successful theme, share the link with friends and potential supporters via social networks. The more engaging it is, the more viral it will be on social media.

Charity fundraising event planning basics

Before you can think of charity fundraiser event ideas, you should first know the event planning basics. You can discover these below:

Organizing a charity event

To plan a charity fundraising event and organise it in the best way possible, use a reliable event organising and management company. You can come up with various ideas to make awesome charity events and successfully raise twice as much as you might otherwise.

How to market a fundraiser charity event

Marketing your fundraising event is arguably one of the most important aspects of holding a fundraiser; so secure sponsors, use merchandise to promote the event focusing on your cause, and plan a fantastic follow-up strategy to retain the effect from the event.

How to host a successful charity fundraiser event

Explain to sponsors that you are hosting a fundraising event and that they can earn community goodwill. You can also organise an event host committee.

Checklists for planning a charity event

Always use a checklist when planning your charity event:

  • Decide your event format and theme.
  • Establish your event budget.
  • Choose the most powerful fundraising channels.
  • Pick the sponsors for your charity event.
  • Launch your marketing activities.
  • Nail down all the event logistics.
  • Continue to promote the charity after the event.
  • Thank attendees and follow up.

After the event, you still need to network, promote it, and follow up.

Ways to raise money during a charity event

Launch a lucky draw or organise a competition. Use gamification and other entertainment methods to engage the public with your fundraising ideas. Let them donate while playing and having a good time. Use creative ideas for a charity fundraising event.

Volunteer fundraising is one of the major global charity trends. Many event organisers also gain insights of various types of charity fundraising events. You don’t need to wait for a good opportunity to run a charity event and raise funds.

How much money can you raise?

How to fundraise more is something every fundraiser is concerned about. Start by determining how much money you need to raise. It depends on your event goals and objectives. If your charity fundraising event checklist has no point about the income sources, you’d better make sure to add this and also include some calculations. Crowdfunding is the first thing to consider for earning more money for your charity event. Start a donation site and manage donations, then start your campaign and share your fundraiser far and wide.

How to raise a lot of money fast

Make sure that you have a good system for asking questions and getting teams to work in sync. Provide a great starting point for deciding on your organisation’s strategy for raising a quick $10,000 or more. Remember that large-scale event ideas for charity fundraising don’t include a car wash fundraiser, which is a proven and quick money maker, nor are they garage and yard sales, which require a lot of work. Fortunately, your event is a solid corporate occasion with lots of serious and wealthy people invited, and there are plenty of smart ways to raise money quickly.

What are some good fundraising event ideas?

If you are organising a large-scale event, you might want to organise a race, festival, concert, or fair. Get ready to make sure your fundraising ideas for charity events comply with any rules of administrative governmental or municipal organisations, especially if the event will take place on municipal property.

One-day online fundraiser

The one-day fundraiser is far from being a new idea. For example, ask for donations for every item of trash that you pick up on a given day.

Networking dinner

Formal fun events for business people and people who like to network and contribute to fundraising events are called networking dinners.


For a long-distance running competition over a distance of five kilometres (3.107 miles), everyone’s invited!

Personal fitness challenge

Offer to stick to your goals with a 30-day fitness challenge with a mission to help people lose weight and look and feel great, and set a record to raise funds.

Cupcake contest

Cupcakes make the world a better place. Show how you spread the love with your own magical cupcake recipes and designs to donate at charity events.

Guest speaker

Sometimes a person invited to a gathering to give a speech can amass lots of money in a sentence.


One of the most extraordinary and beautiful events is a gala where people gather to donate simply because it’s a perfect occasion.

Personal challenge

Since each day is a great opportunity to try something new and push yourself into areas that test your capabilities as well as widen your horizons, a personal challenge or any other area will be a good motivation for fundraising.

Seasonal events

Like challenge events, seasonal events are also a good idea. One event associated with each season of the year can be used to raise funds and have an enjoyable time.

Skydive for charity

Many people who make a parachute jump do so while raising funds for a worthwhile cause. They will pay for your charity skydive in return for you raising a minimum amount of funds.

Ideas that no longer work & things to avoid

If you run out of working ideas that inspire you to create your own unique events and easily attract new donors or want to find out the things to avoid at fundraising events, feel free to ask for help from event professionals.

How to engage more supporters at charity events

To get supporters of your unique fundraising ideas for charity, visit or contact a favorite local organisation that you support and ask if they will donate anything or sponsor local events.

Try to communicate with or visit enterprises during their slow hours so they can give you their full attention with your event planning. Make sure you reach out early and often, and don’t get disappointed if things don’t happen as fast as you’d like. Huge businesses may delay with lots of appointments and extra replies.

To develop a clear vision for your event sponsors, put your team together, create an event budget, and set up a good registration process and marketing and payment process to increase your fundraising event traffic.

You will need a professional event technology platform that will be easy to use for your sponsors and boost your event fundraising.

Tips for your next charity event

Every event starts with a good plan. So how do you raise money for charity so that you can achieve goals and make everyone happy? Here’s a charity event tip list to follow:

  • Decide on the budget.
  • Define the event objectives.
  • Pinpoint your target audience.
  • Provide reliable ways to accept donations.
  • Decide on the format and the theme.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Find a venue.
  • Select your ticketing or registration platform.
  • Approach sponsors.
  • Approach media.
  • Organise the marketing and advertising.
  • Identify and hire other vendors.
  • Make the final preparations.
  • Choose the best tools for event promotion in Asian markets.

If you want the media to find out about your campaign and make it public in advance, don’t forget to notify the local media a couple of weeks beforehand, which will allow you to gather together even more participants, sponsors, and attendees and a nice donation total as a result.

Feel free to learn more about how to organise a successful charity event.

Raise funds with a creative charity event

Apply for reliable event management to get a good backup at all event lifecycle stages and to avoid pitfalls and increase the chances for success. Holding charity events with the help of professional planners is a modern, convenient, and creative way to raise funds for many noble purposes.

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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