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15 Things You Need to Know When Hiring Event Staff

15 Things You Need to Know When Hiring Event Staff

Knowing how to hire event staff is one of the industry’s most essential skills. Without this, it’s very difficult for the owner of any business to achieve success in what he or she does.

Event staff roles and responsibilities.

As a rule, event staff assistance plays an important role in the event organisation process and is directly responsible for its overall success. Therefore, try to divide your event staff roles and responsibilities wisely.

General event staff

This is the core of the team that serves at each event, designates a team of their staff to ensure that every special event is going right, and directs the staff, ensuring that timelines are met and managing any other general needs.


Security guards are responsible for safety matters. They ensure the safety of your guests, work closely with staff, and prevent damage to the venue, etc.


In your event supply chain, a vendor/seller will be an enterprise that contributes goods or services to your event: food, venue, lightning, décor and flowers, etc.


Marketing event staff create promotional models for trade shows, promotions, product line branding, special events, and so much more.

Logistics & planning

This is all about the integrated planning and control of moving goods, merchandise equipment and people at the event site, etc.

Food & entertainment

These staff members may manage meals, seating, and tables for corporate events as well as controlling the quality and being in charge of the entertainment at events.

Things you need to know when hiring event staff in Asia.

You certainly want to know how to hire event staff. To avoid any difficulties, there are a few things you should know before you start hiring people in Asia.

How to hire event staff in Asia step by step.

For hiring event staff successfully and getting devoted people on board, you should consider the following:

Determine who you need

Ranging from wine waiters and bartenders to volunteers and food-runners, you should clearly understand who you’re looking for to staff your next event.

Define the necessary qualifications

To find exactly what you want, you need to be overly specific with requirements: male, blond, Spanish-speaking staff, etc. There should always be a way for your staffing provider to give you exactly what you need.

Decide the payment rate of the staff 

Pay well if you want people to know that you’re professional, not just loyal, cool, friendly, etc. We all need money for life, and it’s the best motivation for staff to cope with hard event staff responsibilities. 

Temporary or permanent staff?

This includes hiring event planning staff for full-time positions as well as volunteers and other temporary workers. For large-scale events, temporary staff plays an important role as hiring volunteers dramatically reduces costs. If there is no need to keep a lot of staff on board after the event is over, there is obviously no need to hire staff permanently, except for in specific cases.

Where to hire.

A signed contract is crucial if you want to protect yourself (legally speaking) during the event-planning process. It’s also about your reputation as an employer and preserving your company’s cultural values. The question is, where to hire event staff?

Use some tips for where you can find reliable event team members either for temporary or permanent cooperation.

How to recruit.

There are certain questions you should ask during an interview before you hire a worker for your staff. Traditionally, the set of interview points may be more or less standard. However, some companies may add something special to the list for an interview discussion.

  • What is your event organising background? 
  • Do you have any previous experiences in event organisation?
  • Why do you want to join our company/team?
  • What are your key strong points?
  • Why do you think you would make a valuable contribution to our team?
  • What’s your decision-making style?
  • What should staff in event management focus on?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • What areas of event management have you never engaged in?
  • Are you able to work on the weekends/on holidays/at night?
  • Are you a team player or do you prefer to work individually, etc.?

Create a list of the core event organisation and management tasks, and then carefully consider your questions according to these needs.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring event staff.

When you start a project and are searching for and recruiting personnel, many problems and questions may arise: What channels should you use? Should you contact event staffing agencies to select personnel? What advertising strategy should you choose? How many HR managers should connect? How much time should be devoted to it? How should one calculate the budget and other resources? 

In other words, clearly understand your goals and what your event staff will be doing before even starting to search for staff!

When to start hiring staff.

If you want to find the perfect people, you must open up a line of communication with them as early as possible: from one to six months in advance, depending on your needs. 

Event staff management.

It takes time to find smart staff members, handle logistics, and set up other data management details of corporate and public events. Many firms develop career management programs. These programs help workers of all skills, abilities, and talents more efficiently use their potential. 

Your primary responsibility will include hiring other event staffing agencies or vendors, searching for venues, setting up chairs and stages for events, manning check-in kiosks, working as ushers, operating cash registers, etc. Event staff management is there to make your event-life easier, not ruin it! That’s why knowing how to hire corporate event staff is an important issue for the Asian event industry.

How to create a successful team.

The best approach for the creation of a successful team includes getting to know your staff in advance and evaluating their strong and weak points, so take the time and complete your due diligence!

Be ready to explain a lot of things to your newly created event team. Even the most experienced staff members will want to know some basics when it comes to your process and preferences.

In Asia, the success of corporate relations heavily relies on universal human values. When we talk about teams from Asian cultures, hospitality is at the forefront. Treat your people as you’d like them to treat you in order to make your team successful.

The principles of teamwork.

A team works best when the strengths of its individuals are combined. After you get to know your staff and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, you can combine their skill sets properly. Teamwork is an attitude and a larger sense that individuals can support each other so that their strengths will enhance what they do to make something a success.

Build your team based upon these principles to achieve success in your event work.

Tips and recommendations.

Once you decide to hire a professional staff, there are some pro tips for the perfect hiring process. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Understand the regulations for hiring staff and what event staff does.
  • Strive to find employees with initiative.
  • Be ready to accept applications after they send their CV via email or through social media pages as they may call and clarify whether the CV has arrived and potentially decide on when to come in for an interview, etc.
  • Applicants will show their determination and interest in you as a potential employer if you make it clear that you’re looking for the perfect candidate.

Remember, you can’t stay idle while your candidates are waiting for a reply, even after receiving their CVs. It’s a hard task for both parties, so deal with it professionally!

Build your dream team today.

Hiring the right corporate employee starts with job analysis, setting goals, and forming requirements. The right employee enhances your work culture and pays you back thousand times over. That’s why you should approach the recruitment process strategically, take your time to hire staff for an event, and invite people onto the team only after you’re sure that they fit perfectly. 

Don’t forget to use pro tips for effective hiring and to provide your team with an integrated event management platform

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