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Are you likely to put a lot of effort, time and resources into creating a fantastic attendance at this upcoming event and restart all over, acquiring new and fresh attendees again at the next one? Or would you rather be able to rely on a substantial percentage of repeat attendees to sustain your level of success at your next events? How do then ensure that once your guests attend this event and the next, they keep coming?

It probably took you weeks, if not months trying to find an available venue for your event, within the extent of your budget and that suit best your requirements. You have finally identified and confirmed one out of the lot although you think it is not the ideal. Now, how to make the most out of your chosen venue? Every venue, independent of your budget, has its upside and downside. The trick is, recognizing the potential of your chosen venue and, turning it into a great asset for your event instead of focusing on what could be better or what you don’t have.

Evolving from online personal journals more than a decade ago, blogs have now become a marketing force that generates sales and boosts conversion of leads. Accessible to all, blogging is an incredibly convenient way to relay information and entertain readers. Bridging the gap between the stringent undertones of official sites and the informal quality of social media like Twitter and Instagram, blogging provides a channel for communication between you and your audience, as well as an opportunity to inject a voice and personality in contrast to cold, manufactured marketing messages.

You and your team may have cameras on your smart phones and no doubt the capacity to take the event photos needed on your own digital camera. But is it a sensible thing to do on top of managing the whole event and all the minute details to look after? In fact, you have only one chance to capture and document the success of your event, so why not leave it to a specialist. Certainly there is a cost attached to it but it may cost you even more if you miss the opportunity to visually capture your event’s key moments and its essence.