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Making sure that you are compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore as an individual isn’t so difficult once you’ve set the necessary infrastructure in place. What if you have different departments in your company that also have to follow these obligations as well due to the nature of their function?

Let’s look at the three steps required to ensure these obligations are adhered to across your company where it’s relevant.

So, you have successfully created an event website and you are seeing people register for your event like you expected. However, the problem is, the event is not going to be held until next month.

It is highly likely that your attendees may forget about the event even after registering — and do not show up eventually. This is definitely not what you want. So, is there something that you can do to tackle the problem?

An event reminder email is just the thing you need.

Table of contents:

What can I do with the new customisable predefined fields?

  • Easily create and access custom fields across your forms and events.
  • Compile event-level data at the organisation level under global reports.

Compile survey results at the organisation level under the new global survey report.

Where do I customise my predefined fields?

  • Under any form
  • Under contacts

How do I customise my predefined fields?

How to remove predefined fields

Some tips


We’re pleased to announce that we’re launching the new Customisable Predefined Fields feature. Predefined fields are, by themselves, a key and powerful feature of GEVME and are essential when it comes to the synchronisation of data between your various data collections (e.g., between invitees, attendees, buyers, and contacts). They are going to be even more powerful now after being upgraded so that they are extensible and customisable. That means you can now create your own preferred customised predefined fields.

Audience response systems (ARS) are a great interactive tool to help boost the appeal and effectiveness of presentations and conferences, training events and business meetings of any kind. The little handheld keypads enable audience feedback or voting to take place quickly and anonymously, with the results available immediately via the software installed on your IT system.

Most suppliers of ARS equipment offer a choice of purchase or rental agreements – so should you buy or should you hire?

Organizing award events can be tedious, what with having to manage entrant submissions and coordinating judges at the same time. Fortunately, you can now do so via an online platform to bring most of the necessary processes together in one place, allowing you to easily manage and organize your award event.

Introducing Judgify, an integrated end-to-end online awards judging system that simplifies your awards management experience. This cloud solution easily compliments the events you organize on GEVME that have tie-ins with awards.

So how does it work?

With events making up as much as 35 percent of the marketing budget for many companies, you can expect to be held accountable by the C-suite for proving its effectiveness, including ROI. Sure, you know exactly how many leads you collected, but how do you determine how many of them are qualified? With that metric out of play, how do you measure your events marketing effectiveness?

Here are the top 4 methods of finding relational data about your event and capturing valuable insight.

We all know that for an event to be successful, you need attendees, and while it is easy to set up a Facebook event and invite everyone you know, having your guests click ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ isn’t going to translate into actual attendance.

If you are searching up on “how to improve conversion rates on websites”, chances are that you are aware of how important a landing page is to your event, above social media marketing and EDMs.

If you’re responsible for organising a street procession, a public event or street carnival in your town or village, you have a duty to make sure that everyone – from participants to spectators – is safe and secure. A big part of the planning of the event must be focused on security. In this article, we set out some simple procedures that will help you run a safe event.