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The manner in which events are being conceptualized in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is vastly different from what it once used to be. While all forms of in-house events have virtually stopped, live events have spiked like never before. Almost all events have been shifted to video communication services like GEVME Live, Zoom, Skype or Cisco Webex which lets users organize live digital events.

The ongoing pandemic has adversely affected the events industry. Most event organisers have had to rethink their ways, overnight. This sudden halt in the way business happens, as usual, has left event professionals and conference organisers nervous and unequipped to face the new normal. Digital events have become the most central point of communication between brands and consumers.

Conferences that once took place in large auditoriums and exhibition spaces have moved to digital platforms. With the blossoming of several digital platforms, how do event organisers sustain attendee engagement? How do event professionals measure engagement? Does good attendee attention ensure a successful event?

Stay on top of the latest and discover how to successfully run an online digital exhibition with everything you need to know about the best tools and tips in 2020. You can find that many libraries, art galleries, and even museums are digitalizing and making available online their collections that you could, have otherwise only seen in person if you were to visit. However, with new online exhibition software emerging every day, more and more exhibitions are going digital, offering more people access to their holdings.