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4 Social Media Mistakes an Event Marketer should avoid on Twitter

Are you pulling your hair over the lack of followers on Twitter? Or are you looking at improving the way you name your web pages to better fit the social audience?

Here are 4 simple steps that you can undertake to improve your Twitter postings:

Page Title

Social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer offer plug-ins for people to tweet directly from a web page, where the page title is used as the tweet. Since the URL shortener link occupies about 23 characters, your page title in this case should not be more than 117 characters with spacing. Ideally, it should be even shorter to allow users to add in their own hashtags.


While it’s not wrong to promote your own event hashtags, event marketers probably over-emphasize it at times. Creating awareness of your event hashtags requires a lot of investment across multiple channels so it’s always wise to mix it up with some commonly used industry hashtags that is relevant to your targeted event audience. So adopt an open mind and use a myriad of hashtags to broaden your social sphere reachout.

Posting at Inappropriate timings

If you are targeting your local community, it may be good to look at 1pm to 3pm as the ideal time window to post a tweet. But of course, if your target audience is all over the world globally, it’s good to spread the postings over the respective local timezone. Also, you can post the same tweet up to 4x a day spread over 6 hours each, to broaden your outreach.

Avoid weekends, Not!

Dan Zarella, social media scientist at Hubspot, posted on one of his blog post that he found a higher click-through rate when tweeting on weekends than on weekdays, as shown below. This is probably a common mistake that marketers make (including us), so yeah, back to tweeting on weekends!


Photo credit: Sean MacEnteeHelga Weber/ Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) 

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