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4 Ways to get noticed on Twitter

In Twitter, a user will receive an email alert upon certain actions driven by the Twitter community. So if you want to get onto someone’s radar on twitter, such as a partner, client or industry influencer, here are 4 ways to go about doing it.


You can favourite someone’s tweet even if you are not a follower. Everytime you favourited someone’s tweet, the person or brand will receive an email, which look something like the below.

You can see from the above that there is valuable real estate given to your twitter handle and profile, whenever you favourited someone’s tweet. There is also a link to your twitter profile, which allows the user to determine if he wants to follow you back.


When you follow someone on Twitter, the followed user will receive an email showing your full social profile on Twitter, including your profile picture and description. There is a follow button right after your profile description, which allows a quick follow back if the followed user find your profile relevant to follow-back. A common follower list between you and the user you follow will also be shown. So having a right profile that’s relevant to the person you follow is key to getting a follow-back on Twitter.


Whenever you post a tweet using @{twitter handle}}, this will be treated as a mention, where the brand/user mentioned will receive an email alert. Your twitter handle followed by your tweet will be shown, with an accompanying follow button for a quick follow-back. At the bottom of the email, there are accompanying action buttons to reply, retweet or favourite the tweet. So depending on the relevance of your tweet, you may get a follow-back or action twitter actions from the user mentioned.


Whenever you retweet someone’s tweet, the user whose tweet is retweeted will receive an email where your twitter handle will appear, with the accompanying number of followers that you have. There’s also a link to view your twitter profile but no follow-back button. So in this case, one of the key determinants is your followers number to get a follow-back in the event of a retweet. The chances of a follow-back from a retweet is likely the lowest due to the absence of the follow-back button.

Twitter offers a different channel to engage influencers, brands and users so if you have not hopped on the bandwagon as yet, hope the 4 tips above will help you to formulate your overall twitter engagement strategy.

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