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Tuesday / November 24.

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5 Inexpensive Event Venue Ideas

Fancy a marvelous venue for your event but finally give up the wish after thinking about your budget? We feel you. We event organizers are constantly dealing with distributing resources wisely. The event venue often takes up 40-60% of the total event budget. You will either burn all your money choosing a too expensive hotel, or end up being slammed for choosing a lousy aka worse-than-expected place. Really? Nah. Actually, there are frugal (not cheap) options out there that will just save your life. Let’s discover the following 5 inexpensive event venue ideas!

 1. Art Galleries and Museums

Vernisage-Art-Gallery-AARABU-0373.jpgArt galleries will save you on decorations as well since they come with fine art. Some art galleries have monthly art exhibitions that will add a fresh look to the venue even if multiple events have been held there. Likewise, museums come with a variety of artifacts that will fill your attendees with adventure, entertainment and education. This kind of venues is perfect for social gatherings and weddings, where guests can break the ice and start their conversations with just a comment about a picture!

2. Parks


Parks are my personal favorite places for hosting events. There are fresh air, greenery view, and if you are lucky, soothing breezes. Parks are best for outdoor events, and can accommodate a large number of people. You have a plenty of choices for activities, ranging from games and mob dances to movie showing and bazaars.

3. Colleges and Universities 


These places are very quiet during the school holidays, and the setting is ideal for meetings and conferences. Furthermore, an university or college can offers a range of spaces such as lecture theaters, halls and classrooms for different purposes. The school staffs also hold events throughout the year, so they will be able to advise you on the choice of place as well as catering.

4. Nightclubs in the Daytime


If you’re holding a chic event, consider holding it at a nightclub in the daytime! You will get the electric lighting, food, drinks and fun vibe of a club for your event in the middle of the day! Better yet, as most nightclubs are deserted during the day, it is very likely that you can get a good rate.

5. Sports Facilities


Stadiums and arenas are great for large-scale events, especially for high-adrenaline events. If you have a sport themed event, sporting facilities are at your disposal. You can also make a good use of them by designing games that require the use of sporting facilities for attendees.

 Always follow these 3 rules of thumb to save money on your event venue.

#1 Non-Traditional Venues

Places that don’t typically host events may not have inflated prices as those that are frequently booked for event venues.

#2 Small Towns or Peripheral Areas

Find venues in small towns instead of big cities, or go to non-central areas to get equally nice venues at lower prices.

#3 Newly-Opened Venues

New venues might offer lower prices to attract new customers.

In conclusion…

We hope you like these inexpensive venue ideas, and will never, never let money stand between you and your dream venue again!

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