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Wednesday / October 28.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Social Media Persona At Event

What is the first thing you think about when it comes to events?

Is it the experience? Could it be the picturesque view that comes with the venue? Maybe it’s the food. Maybe it’s the way it resonates with you.

Think about the last time you’ve been to an event that appealed to you so much that you almost felt like it ‘spoke’ to you. Have that thought in your head? Good. Let’s proceed. Don’t worry if you can’t recall an event that fits.

We’ll explore the reasons why you should create a persona for your event that ‘talks’. Learn also why you should do so on a platform that has become an extension of our daily lives – social media.


When it comes to creating a brand, we think about what the brand symbolises – what it embodies. Sometimes we think about the philosophy or the vision behind it. We think about how it should feel and how it should look. When we create a brand, we want to create something that our target market can identify with. It’s always easier to get interested in things that you can relate to.

Now picture your next event as a brand and take it one step further. Think of your event as a personality. Isn’t it easier for you to relate to ‘someone’ instead of ‘some thing’?

When you organise your next event, think about who your attendees relate to. Who do they identify with the most? With the right persona, you’ll get their attention.


Having created a persona for your event opens up communications. By setting the appropriate tone and language, attendees will feel comfortable speaking to you. Learn about the topics they talk about through your persona. Use this information in your event marketing. A well catered marketing campaign that evolves with new data will fare a lot better.

Through the same communication channel, you can use your persona for marketing purposes. Influence attendees to share your event within their own networks.


With attendees talking to your persona, you can now engage them in different ways. Run contests to get attendees excited. By engaging them through your persona, you can generate buzz. Create excitement and maintain it till the end of your event. Your persona is the face of your event that people can look to.


At the end of your event, get honest feedback from your attendees. With your communication channel open, attendees will feel more comfortable in sharing their opinions. Learn from what they say and improve on your future events. This is crucial to creating better event experiences that get attendees coming back. A big plus point for having an event persona.


By this point, attendees should already be familiar with your persona. You don’t have to stop promotions once your event is over. Have a few other events lined up? Share it with your attendees. They will pay attention to your persona more so than emails that are trying to sell them something.

So why social media?

When was the last time you were on Facebook? Perhaps you’ve been checking it while reading the length of this blog post. Got a tweet on your mobile that you need to attend to?

Social media has become something we use out of habit as long as we have internet access. There are varying levels of usage, but this platform is without a doubt one with a lot of daily activity. By creating a social media persona for your event, you’ll leverage on these networks.

Communicate with attendees through your social media persona. Create a successful event experience today.

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