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5 Simple Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Not sure on how to get the most out of your e-mails? Perhaps you’re not reaching your attendees as much as you want. Today, we’ll explore 5 simple tips to help you with your email marketing campaigns.

1. Segmentation

Every individual is different. Some love chocolates, some hate chocolates. Some eat fruits, some prefer juicing them. Not everyone has the same set of preferences.

By sending generic e-mails to reach out to people, you’re disregarding their individuality. That rarely works in your favour. When you plan your campaigns, separate your target audience into segments sharing similar preferences. You can craft better email messages that speak to their personalities and characteristics. Create unique value for your attendees and get better responses. Promote events that are relevant to them.

2. Personalisation

In this age of digital media, our email inboxes are able to filter out spam . Even then, we as readers are able to discern the generic ones that do come through. Unless the email has great content, we ignore them most of the time. You don’t want your emails to end up in the trash unopened.

Start by personalising your emails. Identify them by their names or other personal details in your email. Show them that you care enough to reach out to them as people, and not just a database. Don’t stop there. Having split your attendees into segments, create email content that interests them. Don’t adopt a “one size fits all” stance. By speaking to attendees on a personal level, they are more likely to read what you have to say.

3. Call-to-action

After attendees have gone through your email content, don’t leave them hanging without direction. Offer a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your email to engage them. It could be a survey, buying tickets or event registration. As long as you create the next step for your attendees in your email, they are able to make a decision. Produce the results you want with your campaigns by generating responses with your emails.

4. Responsive

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. The chances of attendees viewing your emails on mobile platforms are high. If your emails and forms are not mobile optimised, you might lose out. Responsive email design solves that. Don’t sacrifice the user experience of your email marketing campaign. Ensure your email content displays well on different platforms to engage attendees better.

5. Automation

Your email marketing campaign could take a while to see results. To increase responses and maintain engagement with your attendees, automate your emails. It could be simple birthday campaigns, follow ups – anything. Creativity is key. Having automation will help you send emails at the most responsive times in a day. This allows you to focus on content creation. Plan your entire email marketing campaign on your automation calendar. Never worry about sending out late messages ever again.


Bear these 5 simple tips in mind when you plan your next e-mail marketing campaign. Promote your events and get the right messages to your attendees. Their response rates might just surprise you.

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