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Wednesday / August 12.

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5 Signs You Were Born to Be An Event Professional

Organizing an event and managing it is highly demanding – but it can also be incredibly rewarding. There are many different aspects to look after when leading it and everyone involved. To get a successful delivery requires skills. It is akin to deciding to have a baby (the event) and you being the parent to see through the birth, the growth and catering to the child’s development until the latter can fly by himself or herself.

There are many people involved in the organizing of an event and to get it off the ground. For it to be successful, each and everyone has their own part to play for their own credit. What distinguishes the good ones from the whole pack are those who bear these innate qualities and capabilities from the start.

They have these effortless abilities, elegant even at times, and an excellent mix of skills. They are tactful when needed, with a calm disposition. These creatures are able to:

  • initiate projects
  • take the lead
  • organize the tasks
  • rally the people
  • manage the people and the tasks
  • look into the minute details
  • know their own abilities and limits
  • find leverage where and when needed
  • stay creative
  • be flexible while keeping the pace
  • be highly respected

Find out if you were born under those stars.


1. Master organizer, multitasker and tech savvy

Master organizer, multitasker and tech savvy

Have you always had the knack to organize activities and articulate them in a detailed manner of how (what, who, where and when) it will happen? And if something does not work out, there are backup plans ready to be activated.

You also know what is top priority and how to get things done properly. All of it is highly choreographed so that each step, however small or big, is done smoothly. It is also not enough to just get it done. It has to be done well and you have the ability to guide people and achieve more within a limited period of time.

Sounds like someone you know? Good.

Events are also growing in size and reach. The amount of logistics and people involved tend to be proportionate – not to mention the ever growing need to get things done faster and more efficiently, while staying highly productive. It is therefore a must among event professionals to be undoubtedly well versed in technology to use as tools. This helps to keep an edge on competitors and further increase the output of an event.

Do you know your event management software, or the cloud-based platforms and solutions for your event marketing and management needs? Check out GEVME – the event success platform in the cloud.


2. Eye for the details

an analytical mindset and the ability to see those meaningful details that can also elevate the event from a normal to a brilliant one

A tiny thing can easily blow up and become a big issue, not to mention the cost and impact it may have. Having a keen sense of observation and caring about every single detail can make or break your event. It may appear to border on paranoia at times, but it is the analytical mindset and the ability to see the meaningful details that can elevate your event – from an average to a brilliant one.


3. People-oriented

the ability to connect and communicate with people, to entertain your surroundings and find pleasure in introducing and connecting people.

You are fully aware you cannot do it all by yourself and while you have all those God-given abilities, a successful event bears the names of every single last one of them who contributed, however big or small their tasks might have been.

With such interpersonal skills available to you, you are able to listen and speak without issues. You can understand and manage effectively the needs of the stakeholders for the event, including your team – and with humility.

From a young age, you probably had the ability to connect and communicate with people and always relish the idea of meeting new acquaintances. It is also very natural for you to entertain your surroundings, finding pleasure in introducing and connecting people.

4. Creative and flexible

Creative and flexible

Do you enjoy doing cool stuff and trying out new things? Do you enjoy doing things differently and always thinking beyond the boundaries of the mainstream? You are also very hands-on, creative and very composed.

Nothing is fixed and you know, although much time, energy and resources have been invested in planning and executing, anything can happen. Some things can change and provide a new set of challenges at any moment, but you are ready to deal with them and resolve them creatively.

Resolutely so and willing to adapt, adjust and accommodate, with levelheadedness.

5. Energetic and integrity

Disciplined and armed with a set of principles, you are honest and trustworthy

With all that needs to be done, you are able to keep the enthusiasm and seem to have an unlimited amount of energy stored somewhere. In fact, you thrive on all the challenges and obstacles; they fuel and drive you, while others may have crumbled under the stress.

Disciplined and armed with a set of principles, you are honest and trustworthy. You have built your reputation with your integrity and that of your events. You know where you stand when doing business and will stay true to getting the job done but within moral standards.

Do you have what it takes?

Were you born with those traits?
Or maybe you think they can be developed and horned overnight?

Let us know what you think down in the comments below.

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