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5 Things That You Need to Know About Event Check-in via Mobile App

If you are planning to deploy a mobile check-in app for your next event, you might want to note the following tips to ensure a smooth check-in process for your delegates.

1) Lighting

The phone/ tablet camera scanning the QR Code is typically affected by extreme lighting conditions (mainly brightness) so ensure that you test the camera in the exact lighting conditions before the actual deployment. During your on-site set-up, have personnel in charge of lighting around to ensure that the environment is set-up perfectly and ready for the actual day.

2) Roof Structure

If you are mounting your tablet device for self-check-in, ensure that it is not facing structures such as a roof structure which are meshed in design (see sample picture below). This is because the check-in app may detect this as similar to QR Code and may result in continuous scanning (of the meshed structure) which drains the battery, as well as result in confusion when a guest comes to the check-in kiosk.

3) Wireless Network

Most mobile check-in app will require wireless network but it is always prudent to ensure that the mobile check-in app works in offline mode as well, where data syncing can be done before moving the equipment to the event venue. If you are using a print server tied to the mobile check-in app, ensure that a dedicated wireless network is used just for the print server and the mobile check-in app, to prevent the wireless spectrum being loaded by less critical applications and users.

4) Auto vs Manual Check-in Counters

There will be instances where delegates forgot to bring their e-tickets. In this instance, a manual counter is used to verify the delegates identity, which is more time-consuming than self-check-in. As a rule of thumb, assuming 85% of delegates bring their e-tickets and 15% did not (which is the type of numbers that we are seeing), the recommended ratio of auto-counters vs manual counters would be 2:1, as the time needed to check-in someone through manual verification is about 3 times longer than an auto-counter.

5) Diversion of Queue

Since the database is centralized across multiple devices, mobile check-in apps allow diversion of queue easily. So be prepared to divert queues from auto to manual check-in counters and vice-versa so that you can clear the queue as fast as possible.

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