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5 Tips for an Engaging Post-Event Blog Post

Event marketing doesn’t just end with the event itself. Most of the time, post-event marketing plays a big part in capturing the attention of your audience as well. Since the event is over, who exactly is searching for information on the event, you ask? It could be news outlets looking to report on the event, potential attendees who missed the event, and attendees looking to reinforce what they learned at the event. Either way, these are all important target audiences that you don’t want to miss. Done well, a post-event blog post could increase news and media coverage on your event, and attract attendees to your next event, so it’s best not to overlook your post-event blog posts! Here are 5 tips for crafting your post-event report:

Be fast and furious!

After every event, you have a golden 48 hours to craft your post-event blog post and publish it!

Time is of the essence when it comes to writing a post-event blog post. After your event, it helps to work on your post-event blog post right away and publish it within the week, or ideally, 2 days from the event. With the event still fresh in your mind, you’ll definitely find it easier to recall the important details and reiterate the happenings of the day. Besides helping you present an accurate account of the event, writing and publishing your post within 2 days keeps the event relevant to event-goers and anyone searching for information and updates.

Don’t retell the whole story

Repeating the events of the day is a sure way to put your readers to sleep. Instead, pick out highlights and quotes to inspire them!

A post event blog does not mean you have to recount the events of the entire day. It is likely that whoever is reading your post isn’t here for a play by play of what happened during the event. Instead of writing a chronological account, make your article interesting by picking out some highlights of the day or memorable quotes and inspirational takeaways from the speeches. Try different formats of writing! Listicles, for example, are easy to digest and summarizes the main points of the event. “10 Lessons We Learned From (Insert Event)” definitely sounds like a better read than “A Day at (Insert Event)”.

Let your attendees add to the conversation

Social-MediaStrike up a conversation with your consumers and engage them into your story by including social media posts-People.png

If you already have the perfect hash-tag that sticks, chances are that you already have pieces of your narrative available on social media, posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes by your attendees. Don’t let these resources go to waste! Instead, make your attendees part of the story by including their content in your blog post. This way, you get all the fun snippets from your event goers’ point of view, which makes the article a lot more relatable to your readers. Do remember to drop your attendees a note to let them know you are referencing their posts, so they can share it with their friends!

Value add with resources and materials

Include resources and materials that were used or mentioned during the event to benefit your event attendees after the event

Downloadable resources are a great way to draw in online traffic and follow up with materials mentioned during the speeches at your events. If your speakers have downloadable presentation slides that they are happy to share, do link your readers up with these resources, so they can reinforce what they learned at the event or catch up on what they missed, for readers who could not make it for the speech. If your speakers made mentions or references to articles or studies, it’s a good idea to put them up as well. Your readers will thank you for the time saved from scouring the Internet for these resources.

Spice it up with images and videos

Visuals can really make all the difference to your blog post. Use professional images from your event photographers to enhance your readers' enjoyment of your article!

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. No blog post is complete without engaging visuals. That’s not saying you don’t have to write a single word, though. It’s always good to have event photographers on hand to capture professional images and provide you with photos to support your story. It can also help inform readers what you are talking about, which speaker you are referring to, as well as give them a visual experience of the event! If you’ve got videos, upload them as well! It could motivate potential attendees to join in the fun at your next event.

Post-event blog posts really aren’t that complicated. As long as you are timely, informative and engaging, your post could drive lots of online traffic to your website, help increase publicity and recall of your event, and basically encourage potential attendees to participate in your next event! Do remember to publish it within the golden 48 hours, so that it stays fresh and relevant to anyone seeking information and content on your event. What other tips do you have for post-event blogging? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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