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7 Tips for Compelling Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Got you to click into this article didn’t I? What an attractive call-to-action (CTA) as an image for this article.

I’m just kidding.

So what are the things we should think about when creating CTAs? Where and what should I put for my event emails and Here are 7 tips!

1. Position

Where you position your CTA is vital. You want to make sure its visible to serve its purpose well. It could sit right at the top of your content so attendees need not scroll to find it. Instant viewing. On the flip side, you could have it right at the end of your content as well. Complex information requires some time to understand. Let attendees digest your content before making a decision! This could work in your favour.

2. Language

Use language that guides attendees and gets them to take action. Examples of CTA text could be, “register now” or “get started.” Tell attendees what to do. Prompt them to take the next step. Use verbs that refer to attendees and call them to act. This will increase responses, which would lead to conversions.

3. Colours

The design of your CTA is important. Consider colours that make your CTA stand out. You might get tempted to use branding colours in the design – just be careful. That might result in the CTA blending with the rest of your design elements. Grab the attention of attendees by through contrasting colours. Make your CTA pop!

4. Shapes

Yes, the shape of your CTA button can affect responses. Rectangular buttons, considered traditional, give off a trustworthy vibe. Circular ones seem more fun and personal – helps to break the ice. Complex button designs might work too, but ensure they work from a design perspective. Last but not least, they must look clickable. You wouldn’t want your button to look like its a part of a bigger design. Make it easy for attendees to respond.

5. Size

Size does matter. The bigger your CTA button is, the more visibility it’ll get. Larger text will help as well! Go ahead and make that button big.

6. Space

With a big and clear CTA button designed, don’t waste it. Avoid clutter and use space to your advantage. The more space you have around your CTA, the more likely attendees will notice it. Let your CTA stand out and not get surrounded by other elements.

7. Time

Create a sense of urgency in attendees through the use of time. Get faster responses through limited time offers such as discounts or special access passes. These will prompt attendees to react quicker to save money or get better value. Remember to be clear about the timed offer. You could also include a form of guarantee to your offers as an incentive. Make attendees comfortable knowing they could change their minds within a certain time.

CTA Examples

Here are a few CTA examples that you just can’t help but click!

7 Tips for Compelling Call-To-Actions (CTAs) - Zendesk


7 Tips for Compelling Call-To-Actions (CTAs) - Pinterest


7 Tips for Compelling Call-To-Actions (CTAs) - Firefox


7 Tips for Compelling Call-To-Actions (CTAs) - Dropbox



Increase attendee responses and conversions by using clear CTAs. Both text and design matter. When you create your next CTA, remember these 7 tips and get your event out there!

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