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A New Way of Importing Your Contacts

Importing data into GEVME is an important aspect of the software and we’ve been receiving feedback regarding the shortcomings and limitations of the importing mechanism and process that was in use up to now. We’ve listened, and have thus been working on a new and improved importing mechanism designed from the ground up and which we are rolling out to the Contacts module today!

This new way of importing records to Contacts now works in a smarter way and the main objectives behind this update was to

  1. reduce the chance of failure during import

  2. improve the user experience (e.g. by removing the need to have the names of the columns in your file to be exactly the same as the name of the fields in GEVME among other things)

Here’s how it all works:

Fullscreen step-by-step wizard

Import now opens up in a fullscreen popup and is in a step-by-step wizard style:

Import Contacts

You start by uploading your file. We now support the following file options:

  • CSV

  • Microsoft Excel (xls and xlsx)

You can choose to match records from your file with those in the Contacts database based on a field that you choose.

And you can also assign imported records straight away to a static list.

Match your columns

We’ve now lifted the restriction for you to have exact column names in your files before uploading. So, now you can pretty much import a CSV or MS Excel file with any columns that you have. The only requirement is that your first row needs to contain the column names of the file. Once your file is imported, you then need to match the columns from your file to the fields that are available in your Contacts database in GEVME.

Match Import Columns

On the left are the names of the fields in GEVME. On the right are the name of your columns from your file:

Match Columns

Summary of Import

Once you’ve imported your file, you’ll get a nice summary page showing you how many records have been added, updated and skipped (due to errors probably):

Import Summary

Ultimately, we will be extending this new importing mechanism to other modules so do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for using GEVME and to your great events!

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