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Use your Attendee Data for Effective Remarketing

Remarketing is a company’s way to advertise an event to the public market in the response to decreasing sales. Remarketing and retargeting it is one of the most effective forms of event advertisement in today’s modern times (with the dissemination of information in various social media networking sites).

How remarketing works

Remarketing works in reconnecting with the potential customers and clients by advertising industry events. Remarketing ads lets you reach potential attendees who have previously visited your event or the event website/app and expressed interest in your event without buying the tickets. How does a remarketing tool help you?

  • A remarketing tool helps you connect back with these people by showing them your event ads.
  • A remarketing tool helps you remind your potential attendees about your event so they return to your event page to complete a registration.
    It happens with tagging their devices and adding an anonymous cookie into the browser

Types of remarketing

Social media remarketing
Social media remarketing such as Facebook exchange and Youtube viewers lets an event marketer stay in front of the traffic while potential attendees are online.

Dynamic remarketing solution
A dynamic remarketing solution uses advanced behavioral data about the users or visitors to show the ads for the products and services they are interested in.

CRM remarketing
CRM (customer relationship management) remarketing allows event marketers to share display ads with people via their email or mailing address.

Email remarketing
Make use of email remarketing by showing retargeted display ads to anyone who opens your email message.

Search remarketing
Search remarketing allows event marketers to target ads based on a user/visitor/attendee’s search behavior. This type of remarketing only shows ads to people who are only in your target market and are already looking for more information on the event’s company/industry.

Short tag remarketing
Short tag remarketing is a way to shorten a link. This allows an event marketer to show ads to anyone who clicks a shortened link no matter where it is shared.

Benefits of remarketing

Remarketing brings a lot of benefits such as the following:

  • Decreased cost per impression
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved return on investment (ROI)
  • Specific targeting
  • Cost-effective branding

Where you can run remarketing campaigns

The powerful platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, AdRoll allow you to reach audiences who visited web pages related to your event. In order to implement remarketing campaigns, you need to add a snippet of code to the backend of your event web page. Your website users will be reminded in a friendly manner with ads on the networks they use that they did not complete the action on your website. Pay special attention to social media advertising to drive more awareness for your event.

Useful data for remarketing

In order to decide how to advertise an event and which ways to choose, an event marketer must make full use of the following data:

  • page visited
  • age
  • gender
  • time on site
  • bounce rate

All these data will help you make a decision to which users to remarket to. You could create a remarketing campaign with target on the most popular age range and gender, combining it with restrictions regarding average time on site and bounce rate.

Types of targeting for remarketing campaigns

Remarketing serves as a powerful targeted advertising service to potential customers, clients, and buyers about the event. You should include advertising at your current events in your marketing plan for each type of event remarketing campaign.

Brand remarketing campaigns

Brand remarketing campaigns are generic advertisements targeted on the few unique selling points of a business. This type of remarketing campaign uses colors and branding to match a certain site. Brand remarketing advertising for events remind a customer/visitor of their previous visit and gives them a reason to revisit and complete a purchase.

Product remarketing campaigns

Product remarketing campaigns display any product to people/visitors that have viewed the product in the past and have not completed a purchase. This type of remarketing campaign is effective, resulting in a high ROI since it shows a product that satisfies a visitor’s need or want.

Retargeting advertising

Retargeting advertising is when an event marketer serves a [newly improved product] to people who have previously bought the product, used a service, and have attended an event.

How to Start

It is important that event marketers do not pass on remarketing campaigns in event marketing strategies. Remarketing campaigns should be based on a list of all actions taken by users on the event page. Here are some steps on how to start a remarketing campaign:

  • Decide which actions you should create unique ads for.
  • Create remarketing lists that capture these individual groups separately.
  • Create particular ad messages for each individual group.
  • Set up search ad groups to only be triggered and show ads to a user if he or she is on your remarketing list.


You are not able to find the universal way on how to promote your event. You should use a mix of media and tools, but always remember that targeting and remarketing advertisements give you opportunities to convert your event page visitors to event registrations. You can increase your event conversion rates by making good use of GEVME Email Marketing and further remarketing strategies. Get started now to produce more tickets sales!

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