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Tuesday / November 24.

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Business Events: Essential Tips for SMEs

benefits of business events

In the rapidly evolving business sphere, traditional modes of marketing are being bypassed by more innovative and exciting approaches – but when it comes to good old-fashioned face-to-face marketing, business events can be an invaluable platform.

If you’re searching for ways to shake up your approach to marketing while harnessing the power of one-to-one engagement, in today’s post, we’re breaking down the value of business events to demonstrate how they could provide a profitable platform for SMEs.

Benefits of business events

From the initial planning stages to the execution and the follow-up, events offer businesses a chance to be proactive and take control of their marketing strategy. Whether you’re on the hunt for new connections or looking to nurture existing relationships, business events can be a catalyst for SMEs looking to gather lucrative leads and turn them into paying clients.

As well as growing your client pool, business events offer an opportunity to network with others outside of your industry. Showcasing your brand at a business expo allows you to meet with a wide range of professionals and share industry knowledge – not to mention giving you the chance to gain valuable connections for future projects.

How to be seen and heard

Ahead of an event, it’s essential that you understand your goals – and this goes for your team, too. By having a clear plan, you can ensure you successfully execute your event and review your achievements post-event. This is also true of your audience. Once you understand what your target demographic is interested in, you can think of ways to reach them – ensuring your brand is both seen and heard at an event.

Drumming up interest in your brand isn’t just about an event. Whether it’s printing bespoke business cards or hiring a promotional roadshow truck or exhibition trailer to host pop-up events, it’s important that your brand makes an impact. At an event, your aesthetic appeal can play a large part in your ability to reach your target audience. This is your opportunity to break the boundary between your brand and your customers – allowing you to create and nurture key relationships.

Planning your next event

planning your next event

When it comes to planning for a business event, there are a number of things to consider before the big day, including:

  • Your social media channels – if your business isn’t active on Facebook and Twitter, now’s the time to set up your accounts. From posting event details to live tweeting throughout an expo, the free exposure offered by social media guarantees a wider reach for your business
  • Picking the best team for the job – your team is as much a representation of your business as any of your platforms, and their role in an event is crucial. Whether you’re heading a team of two or 20, spend some time with your employees and find out their specific skills – this will help you to decide who is most suited to attend a particular expo
  • Your target audience – all of the preparation that goes into an event will be fruitless if you fail to reach your target audience. This is where your pre-event research will be crucial – helping you not only to define your demographic, but also to alert them on your upcoming event
  • Choosing a location – this goes hand-in-hand with your audience. Finding the right platform to exhibit can make the difference between an unsuccessful event and leaving with an armful of leads. It’s worth considering geographical location, accessibility and practicality when choosing whether or not to exhibit at an event

Whether you’re an aspirational SME or an enthusiastic entrepreneur, by adding these innovative marketing tactics to your toolkit, you can ensure your next business event goes off without a hitch.

justin isles

Justin Isles is the Director of The Events Structure, the UK’s only single source provider of state-of-the-art exhibition trailers, promotional vehicles and other event marketing solutions.

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