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Buying Time Without Selling Your (Event-Management) Souls

As highly-functioning members of a society (most of the time), we inevitably run into situations where we find ourselves on tight schedules or simply running out of time. In a business as hectic as event management tends to be, this can be multiplied many times when deadlines or event dates draw closer and a tsunami of elements suddenly engulf you.

Obviously, this also applies to most people in most professions so in the welcoming and generous way we on this page are, we’d like to discuss how we can squeeze that extra bit of time out for ourselves and bid our time management demons farewell (until the nest project).

Building A Good Team And Delegating

One of the obvious roles of a leader is to fill his/her team with quality members who he/she can trust to be competent at their assigned jobs. In that way, while it may not directly address the issue of time management, a good crew that you can rely on will save you a lot of time simply because you dedicate resources where they are needed instead of having to go back and fix mistakes or double up on duties.

Therefore, buy a lot of time for yourself and for other members in your organization by first building a good, well-equipped and well-staffed team. Shortchanging yourself on any of these things to save costs will end up killing you on time management. So do be smart on this.

Understand Your Team

Step 1 is done and you have your awesome team ready to go into battle. The next step is to understand them as individuals – specifically with regards to their personalities and working styles. In order to maximize time efficiency, you’ll need to realize that every one has different peak productive traits. For instance, your genius graphic designer might be at his best at 3 a.m. in the morning and close to useless at 9 a.m. Conversely, your brilliant accountant works fantastically at the break of dawn but starts to shut down after 5.

Be flexible with how you manage them and try as much as possible to allow them to enter their respective zones. In the middle to long term, this will save you a lot of time because you are essentially trimming unproductive hours off the clock.

Set Targets Without Micro-Managing

One of the ways to successfully bring out the best in your team is to have everyone on the same page as far as targets are concerned, but thereafter not micro-managing how these targets are met. As a student, I was a crammer and studied best when an exam was a mere hours away. Now I’m not necessarily saying this is a good thing; what I am saying is that to each his own. It worked for me just as a hugely detailed, down-to-the-minute plan might work for someone else. The point is, for you or your company, the goal should be to get things done. Sticking to a pre-drawn plan might work for you but it may not work for someone else. Simply be clear on the targets or deadlines and trust your team to achieve those goals in their own methods and times.

Keep Things Tight

From a creative or organizational perspective, there can be at a tendency to indulge in ideas that seem to be great but actually are just proverbial fat that needs to and should be trimmed. Always remember to set out an overarching narrative or idea that everyone in the team can and will follow. This ensures that no one gets sidetracked or wastes unnecessary time running down dead ends on pursuing lost causes. As you event draws closer, there’ll be more than enough running for you to do already.

That’s It

Broadly then, we have discussed how time management can actually be an issue that occurs with what ostensibly seems like non-time related processes. With these few simple ideas, you should be able to keep the soul of your company and project intact and yet have more than enough time to run a smooth and successful event.

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