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Clever Ticket Pricing Сan Increase Event Attendance

When organizing a big event like a conference, it’s essential to come up with a ticket price that enables you to cover your costs and overheads and perhaps make a profit too.

However, sending emails out with your event ticketing software that only offer one price could mean you miss out on responses because people are put off by the rigidity. Instead, think about how you can set different ticket types at varying price points to maximize registration.



Setting up different ticket types for your event can just happen in minutes, and yet could help to optimise your ROI


Appeal directly to certain groups with your message wording

Students will need to be targeted differently than company managers, for example, so tailor the wording on each ticket offer to appeal to separate demographics – and make them aware of the price. This can be easily configured using event management software.



Key in a unique ticket description to appeal to your target audience


Offer Group Tickets

You can ensure several people register at once if you set offers such as Group Pass’ and set a minimum quantity to ensure bulk registrations. We have seen from experience as many as 50 delegates from a single company who have registered for a single conference so do offer this mode to encourage company sign-ups.

Discounts appeal to early birds and latecomers

Discounting tickets for anyone who registers early is a good way of ensuring conference halls get filled as soon as possible. However, procrastinators are also likely to respond to last-minute offers that make them feel as though they’re getting a bargain, especially if they are in the same location as where the event is held. You can create a targeted list for this by geography to be concise in your target messaging.

Package prices

The ideal situation is for attendees to register for the whole of your event, especially if it’s two or three days long. However, this might not be realistic – and it could put people off if they can’t afford it. Instead, offer one-day prices, or session charges so that visitors can just go for a day or even an hour. A small amount of money is better than none, after all. You can also suggest add-ons at the registration point, such as hotel bookings (mainly for overseas delegates), dinners, T-shirts, so that you can achieve a better revenue stream from your augmented products and services.



Add augmented services to increase your overall revenue stream


Create urgency

Finally, make sure people know there are only X amount of tickets to go around so they feel a need to register right away – you could do this by simply looking at the registration numbers versus capacity.

These tips are more likely to speak directly to potential ticketbuyers – and they could help you to boost your event attendance and ROI.

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