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Cloud-Based Event Management: Talk

At 9:00AM in the morning, attending a talk on an empty stomach might not be the best of ideas.

The “Cloud-Based Event Management for Governments and Enterprises” talk we held on July 30, 2015 had quite the breakfast spread. Scrambled eggs, sausages, croissants and potatoes were only some of the delicious morsels available.

But, I digress.

Attendees came for our talk in search of answers or added knowledge on event management in the cloud.

How could they better handle event processes?

What new ideas were there to increase the attendance at their events?

Aside from the good food present, we made sure we gave them what they came for. We made sure we shared with them the ways to attract, register, engage attendees and get them to attend. We shared how we welcome, engage and delight people coming for events.

After a fantastic introduction given by Maurice Lam, Chairman of Afrasia Bank, the talk was underway.

A.R.E.A Framework

Veemal Gungadin, CEO of Pte Ltd sharing his AREA framework for effective event management

The main goal for any event organiser is maximising attendance at their events. Having a strong framework in place from the start of an event is crucial. Event management will be far more simple and effective with the necessary groundwork done. Veemal Gungadin, CEO of Pte Ltd shared his A.R.E.A (Attract. Register. Engage. Attend.) framework that fulfills that need. For some attendees, the things he mentioned might sound rather familiar. The A.R.E.A framework takes it one step further and lays it out in a step-by-step process. This makes it simpler for people to remember and use.

A brief look into the framework:

Attract Attendees

  1. Create remarkable content
  2. Segment your audience
  3. Reach out with effective emails

Register Attendees

  1. Frictionless online registration
  2. Group registration
  3. Waiting list

Engage Attendees

  1. Generate teaser content
  2. Reach out through email and social media
  3. Facilitate sharing

Get attendees to Attend

  1. Make it easy to decline RSVP
  2. Issue ticket with QR/Barcode
  3. Remind pre-registered people

To better understand the A.R.E.A framework for events, click here for the slides.

To watch the full webinar on “Driving Attendance to Events with the A.R.E.A framework”, click here.

W.E.D Framework

Daniel Tjan, Account Director of Pte Ltd sharing his WED concept for wow-ing attendees at events

Once you’ve gotten attendees to come to your event, you want to wow them. You want them to remember the event experience and come back for more. Daniel Tjan, Account Director of Pte Ltd laid out his W.E.D (Welcome. Engage. Delight.) framework to enhance the onsite experiences of attendees. The events industry being a highly competitive one requires event organisers to stand out. The basic outline to do so would be to:

Welcome Attendees

  1. Have fast check-ins
  2. Print onsite
  3. Pay onsite
  4. Know your attendees

Engage Attendees

  1. Use event apps
  2. Have live Q&A and polling
  3. Networking
  4. Location-aware notifications
  5. Gamification
  6. Social Walls

Delight Attendees

  1. Interactive touchpoints
  2. Reward
  3. Do something crazy (e.g having surprise mini concerts)

For a more in-depth look into the W.E.D framework, click here for the slides.

To watch the full webinar on “Enhancing Onsite Experience of Attendees Using the W.E.D Framework”, click here.

A Case Study – Government Agency Using GEVME

Eugene Yang, Head of Digital of Pte Ltd sharing a GEVME case study on IE Singapore

To better illustrate how a cloud-based event management software works in reality, we shared a case study on International Enterprise Singapore’s (IE SIngapore) use of our platform GEVME. Eugene Yang, Head of Digital of Pte Ltd talked about how a government agency that hosts 350+ events a year simplified the event management process with GEVME. From the beginning till now, IE Singapore received the necessary training and support to address the issues they faced prior to cloud-based event management.

For more details on the case study on IE Singapore, click here for the slides.

To watch the full webinar on “GEVME Case Study: Government Agency Using GEVME Event Management Platform, click here.

Pigeonhole Live used at the Cloud-Based Event Management for Governments and Enterprises talk for the Q&A session in the Colonial Room of The American Club, Singapore

To better facilitate the Q&A session at the end of the talk, we used Pigeonhole Live to ensure anonymity for questions asked. This put attendees at ease and let them express their thoughts freely.

Surprise cupcakes for attendees at the end of the Cloud-Based Event Management for Governments and Enterprises talk at The American Club, Singapore

And of course, what would a GEVME event be without home-made GEVME cupcakes?
(The GEVME logos were just icing sugar.)

We got to learn a lot from the attendees, and we hope they have learned as much from us as well.

And yes we heard you attendees!

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