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How to Create and Design Your Own Survey Forms

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Events are about connecting, and to get people through the door you first have to connect with them through an event website or a promotional campaign. To keep your audience engaged during the event, you will have to foster connections through mobile apps or other onsite tools. These can also be used to capture honest feedback and understand behaviours by connecting with guests through surveys.

Building survey forms that don’t bore your guests to death, that have an appealing design, and that ask the right questions is not the easiest task. To make the lives of event organisers a bit easier, we’ve created a short tutorial on how you can build any survey from scratch using a single GEVME toolkit.

Reasons to create event surveys

If you attend an event but aren’t asked to complete a survey, there are probably only two explanations: either it was a poorly organised event or you should check your inbox once again. The evaluation of event experiences through surveys has become an intrinsic part of the planning process. Not only can you use them in post-event analytics, but surveying also helps capture expectations before the event or can even modify attendance experiences in real time. Here are the key capabilities that make surveys so valuable:

  • Quantitative evaluation: The information that you can collect through surveys provides event specialists with the numbers they need to evaluate the event. From the number of people attending each session to the revenue collected by your sponsors, you can use surveys to conduct a top-notch quantitative analysis.
  • Quick action: If something goes wrong during the event, real-time surveys can help you remedy the situation as quickly as possible.
  • Interactive experiences: Modern technology makes it easier to transform boring feedback collection into an engaging dialogue. You can set up live polls or interact with the audience through fun chat bots and apps.

The main survey types

Before learning how to set up a survey online, you should understand what type of survey suits each particular stage of event organisation.

  1. Pre-event survey: You can call this one a mood-capturing survey. Use attendee segmentation to create targeted questions for each audience group. For instance, it’s a good idea to personalise your pre-event surveys for sponsors, event guests, partners, and speakers.
  2. Real-time event survey: Make use of smart tech tools like chatbot messaging and real-time engagement tracking to capture feedback instantly. These quick live surveys are most often used to evaluate the moods of event guests, to learn their preferences, and to be the first one to know if they get bored or have any complaints.
  3. Post-event survey: Apart from the obvious purpose, which is collecting insights, post-event surveys have one more mission to accomplish. Event marketers can use survey tools to remind the audience about a product or brand and ask them to act upon that knowledge. You can also capitalise on your marketing efforts by embedding promo codes and personalised discounts in post-event surveys.

Once you get the idea of what each survey type represents, it’s time to choose your strategic questions. Check out the Survey Infographic here, and discover the five best questions you can ask at different stages of an event.

How to create and design your own survey with GEVME

If you are an active event-goer, you know how dull and boring a survey can often be. Thousands of similar questions, tons of fields, and asterisks marking each of them (relevant or not) are only some of the issues. Designing a survey that people would actually want to complete requires some creativity and automation. Let’s see what GEVME can do about it.

GEVME Survey has been developed as part of an integrated event management software solution to remove the nightmare of generic survey questions. Apart from exceptional customisation capabilities, this app helps you make the set-up process as convenient as possible. No coding or design skills are required.

Here’s a short how-to guide:

1. Build your perfect survey form: GEVME Survey gives you two different options: You can either customise our pre-made survey template to accelerate the process or build it from scratch. Below you can see an easy-to-use form builder that allows you to pick predefined and customised fields for your personalised survey through drag and drop:

event survey design


2. Choose the best survey form design: You can add images or any other branded content blocks to align the survey with your event experiences:

event survey design

3. Align your surveys with an email marketing system in one click: GEVME Survey takes away the burden of manual integration since your surveys are already connected to the email marketing app. Just add your message, create your custom CTA that will take the user to the survey, and schedule the campaign:

event survey design

Here’s a basic example of an email with a link to a post-event survey that you can create with GEVME:

event survey design

4. Keep your valuable insights in one place: The feedback you collect throughout an event lifecycle can give you tons of data. To make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, you can use the handy survey reporting tools that are available on the GEVME Survey app:

  • Get access to the complete overview of survey feedback—all in one centralised database:

event survey design

  • Filter the responses easily by attendees, orders, and survey types:

event survey design

  • Use the app to build comprehensive survey reports that can be viewed online or extracted in one click:

event survey design


Even for an experienced event marketer, the question of how to design a survey form that doesn’t bore survey takers is often a resonating one. Whether you choose to use our integrated GEVME toolkit or any other survey management solution, we recommend paying attention to customisation capabilities and the ease of integration with email marketing. These two features will help you set up personalised surveys in a flash.

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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