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Tuesday / January 19.

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Boost Corporate Social Responsibility with E-ticketing

With corporate social responsibility (CSR) continually hitting the headlines, it has never been more important for businesses to show they are thinking about green issues and the environment.

Indeed, a recent report from renewable energy company Urban Wind found that major corporate organizations are increasingly making CSR central to their operations through choice, rather than waiting for legislation.

Furthermore, Nielson discovered that 50 percent of shoppers would spend more with brands that have “implemented programs to give back to society”, perhaps through committing to reducing their carbon footprint.

Companies that regularly host events could help to save the environment and also boost their green credentials by making the most of e-ticketing and going paperless.

This can easily be done using events management software and cuts out paper ticket stubs completely, meaning recipients simply have to show a barcode or QR Code on their smartphone in order to gain access.

Sample E-Ticket with Bar Code and QR Code

Reducing the number of paper tickets sent out could have a big impact on greenhouse gas emissions, but there are lots of other benefits available to companies that choose to do it, too.

For example:

  • Less risk of ticket loss – unless recipients lose their phone or email account, they can’t lose their tickets
  • E-Ticketing is less expensive for the event organizers, as they don’t have to employ staff to send out admittance slips or incur cost of postage – they can be automatically emailed instead, which may even result in cheaper tickets
  • Should details about the event need to change in the run-up to the dates, firms can easily use their event management software to text or email the alterations to ticketholders
  • Organisers can deploy on-site mobile check-in app for a seamless check-in process for their attendees, as well as track attendance real-time.

Not only will e-ticketing enable businesses to be much greener in their day-to-day operations, but it can also really help to streamline productivity. Updates can be done at the backend without impact to user experience. For example, if you are hosting a dinner and dance event, the table number can be changed even up to the day itself, and the attendee need not be aware as they will be informed upon on-site check-in.

With benefits aplenty, it’s time to consider seriously going the e-ticket way as part of your CSR efforts.


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  • This really highlights some of the most important features of CSR. While my company has been working hard to make an impact out of a sense of mindfulness, it often surprises our clients when we inform them that it is profitable as well. In fact, it’s so profitable we’ve based our whole marketing agency around this triple-bottom-line :!

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