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Enhancing Attendees’ Onsite Experiences

Engaging attendees at an event and making the entire onsite experience a seamless one can be challenging for event organizers. Depending on the event venue, the size of your team and the other requirements to fulfill onsite, you will need to tweak your setup to accommodate the scenario present. What methods are there that can help you with this then?

Daniel Tjan, Account Director of GlobalSignIn, shared the WED framework in detail with attendees at the GEVME Xchange 2016 to provide more solutions to this challenge.

The WED Framework consists of three core methods to follow:

  • Welcome
  • Engage
  • Delight

As a result of following this framework, event organizers can expect to:

  • Save time for better efficiency
  • Shorten queue times for a more pleasant onsite experience
  • Stay ahead of time
  • Create memorable experiences for attendees (very important)


1. Barcode Check-in

With the use of barcode check-ins for your event onsite, you are able to:

  • Conveniently scan existing identity cards
  • Membership or student cards etc.
  • Go green
  • Easily use and configure settings

gevme easy to configure barcode check-in

GEVME’s barcode check-in system

This will speed up the event check-in process and allows for many different configurations at your check-in counters.

2. QR Code Check-in

gevme qr code check-in event onsite

Add on to your list of event check-in methods with QR codes, a heavily used system in other industries that is gaining popularity in the MICE industry.

Event organizers who adopted the QR code check-in method find that it is:

3. On-demand Printing

brother zebra canon on-demand printing gevmeInstead of printing name badges in bulk and having excess wastage due to attendees not coming, why not consider on-demand printing technology that only prints badges when an attendee arrives?


GEVME’s customized name badges from on-demand printing

With on-demand printing, expect to:

  • Reduce wastages
  • Save time
  • Automated the badge printing process instead of having to search for pre-printed badges

Check out how GEVME’s event onsite features automate printing processes, save time and manpower.


1. Self Registration & Check-in

gevme self registration self check-in kiosks

With the advancements of technology, automation of tasks is inevitable – and this is a big advantage for the MICE industry.

Adopt a self registration and check-in approach at your events to:

  • Reduce manpower needs
  • Potentially go paperless and go green
  • Take advantage of tech savvy delegates
  • Use on-demand printing (as mentioned earlier)

2. Gamification


Keep your attendees engaged at your events by implementing gamification elements for interaction. Make new connections and spice things up to:

  • Direct attendees to exhibitors
  • Get instant feedback
  • Have your event interactive and fun!

3. Leads Generation

gevme leads generation system

Events are the best scenarios for capturing leads for both yourself as an event organizer and your exhibitors as well.

You can:

  • Reuse QR code to capture the lead at different booths
  • Value add to exhibitors / sponsors
  • Easily retrieve information realtime


1. Personalized Messages

gevme personalized messages check-in onsite

GEVME customized attendee onsite check-in screens

Personalization enhances the onsite experience for attendees by making them feel like they are a part of the event. Take personalization a step further by customizing onsite check-in messages such as:

  • VIP Messages
  • Table Numbers
  • Attendee IDs
  • Payment Statuses

2. Automated Check-in Emails

gevme steps to email marketing campaigns automated

GEVME’s email marketing tool

Imagine receiving an email about the event you are attending just after having checked-in. Perhaps the email contains promotions or information that are exclusive, and you now have a soft copy of it in your mobile device. This could be an interesting touchpoint for your attendees! With an automated check-in email in place, you could:

  • Segregate attendees without importing or exporting data
  • Send material to relevant attendees
  • Set and configure emails pre-event to save time

3. Fast & Easy Edits

gevme onsite ie singapore

One of the common problems faced at check-in counters is the information of an attendee. Sometimes, there could be mistakes in the data upon registration or perhaps an attendee has given up his or her place to someone else. You need to be able to quickly edit this data and give the appropriate badge. Ensure that the event check-in system you use is able to:

  • Make edits to print the correct name badges
  • Tweak attendee information via a device
  • Print or reprint as necessary


Now that you have a better idea of what the WED framework is, you can start incorporating this into future events and leave lasting impressions on your attendees onsite.

Download a copy of the WED framework slides for reference.

For other presentation slides to help with events, visit GEVME’s SlideShare.

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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