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Event Email Templates Every Event Planner Should Have

Event Email Templates Every Event Planner Should Have

Sometimes it only takes a catchy subject line and an informative message to turn a contact on your list into a real event registration. This is why it’s true to say that effective email marketing tactics can take your event strategy to the next level. According to DMA Insight, 99% of people who use email check their inboxes every day. That’s an impressive percentage, wouldn’t you say? So what does this mean for you as an event planner? The short answer is that you have many chances to persuade people to attend your events through the emails you send. Let’s explore some of the tips and email event templates that you can add to your professional arsenal right now.

Reasons to use email marketing in your event planning campaign

Let’s start with the “why” of this concept. While the modern landscape of marketing tools gives you a wide choice of options for how to promote events, using email is still inevitable—and critical! Not only does it keep communication personal but event email marketing also has a range of other perks:

  • Staying in touch during all stages of event organisation: There are many good reasons to contact your target audience before, during, and after an event. Email marketing gives you the tools you need to maintain this connection.
  • Providing updates: Any event is a mix of arrangements, processes, and details. This means there’s always a chance that you’ll have to deal with last-minute changes. Automated email marketing helps you communicate any updates quickly and efficiently.
  • Keeping your audience tuned in: The key goal of developing an email marketing strategy for events is to guide registrants through the full journey, from the sign-up process to post-event engagement. If you include people in the targeted messages throughout each stage, you will maximise your chances for high event attendance and can build long-term relationships with registrants.
  • Embedding additions offers: From a strong referral program to post-event discount offers, event email marketing gives you the additional space you need for selling products or services and strengthening your ties with registrants.

The elements of a good event email

Event emails are sent on different occasions and for different reasons. Accordingly, in each email, you must use a unique message and a memorable subject line. Still, there are some common elements that are characteristic of all efficient event emails. If you’re acquainted with them, you’re halfway to success:

  1. Reason: The first thought that people have when they see a new message landing in their inbox is “What’s in it for me?” Ensuring that each of your event emails has a strong value offer is fundamental. For instance, if a person has already registered for an event, he or she won’t be happy about receiving tons of promo messages or “relevant industry news” from you over the next few weeks. What’s more, such behavior can discourage a registrant from participating in your event.
  2. Event details: Remember these three words if you want to be a good event email marketer: time, place and date. If it’s an online event, ensure that you include a relevant link and specify all log-in details.
  3. A subject line people want to click on: Pulling your reader in is the first step that determines the success of your further efforts. Whether it’s a business event invitation or a party update email, your subject line should be catchy, relevant, and informative. To see how it works with different email formats, check out the study from Optinmonster, which collected the top 164 examples of email subjects that will work best in 2018.
  4. On-brand design: You obviously don’t have to be reminded about the importance of branding in event organisation. Showcasing your client’s company name or the logos of key partners increases event recognition. Therefore, it’s important to pay special attention to design customisation capabilities when choosing your best event email templates.
  5. Crystal-clear CTA: Your call to action should be immediately understandable, which means that a user will know precisely what action is required the moment he or she looks at it. However, don’t make it just another boring CTA. “Register now” is the foolproof option, of course, but if your email communication style allows for it, spice up your CTA by using something like “Count me in!” or “I’m coming!”

Event email templates for all occasions

One of the key secrets to your event success is a strong email marketing engine with free event email templates and wide customisation capabilities. Within the GEVME Email Marketing app, a range of highly configurable email templates has been created. Based on your goals, you can flexibly import different content blocks, change designs, modify CTA buttons, and much more. Check out the basic pre-made templates you can leverage for event success:

Event invitation email template

Event invitation email

Takeaway: Event details come first. Since the goal of sending an event invitation email is to encourage a person to register, the key information about an event should be emphasised. What’s also great about this template is how the event’s branding has been aligned with the email design through color. It’s classic, neat, and eye-catching.

Event confirmation email template

Event confirmation email

Takeaway: The value of registration confirmation emails is often underestimated because it seems like your major goal has already been reached. However, the template above dispels that myth. From fundamental check-in details to an event app link, a confirmation email is a perfect tool for elaborating on the most important participation details.

Post-event thank you email template

Post-event thank you email

Takeaway: It might seem odd, but post-event thank you emails are usually the most informative in your whole campaign. In the presented template, for instance, organisers didn’t miss the chance to make a lucrative post-event offer, present wrap-up materials, and advertise their next event. Use your thank you email to share the additional perks with attendees and to extend conversations after an event has finished.


Highly customisable email templates for event planners can greatly complement any event marketing strategy. To simplify your communication with the target audience at all stages of event planning, create your own custom collection of the best pre-made templates…and don’t lose them! 🙂

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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