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Monday / November 23.

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Event Food Catering in Singapore

So if you were expecting to find in this article a list of the best caterers in the land for your event, I should probably tell you straight off the bat that that is not what I intend to write about. There are two main reasons for this – firstly, I like to be honest (with you, my readers, at least). I am no food critic and in any event I could not possibly have personally tried out every caterer anyway.

Secondly, you probably could find dozens of these lists anyway. So I will attempt to not add to these but give you a different perspective on this. With that in mind…

The Big Picture

Always be conscious of the big picture. You will probably find as time goes by that I think this to be one of the most important elements of event planning. There are few more things more jolting to the senses than incongruent, mismatched thematic ideas. Since this is a Singapore-specific article, my advice would be to take time to think up interesting concepts with food and catering ideas that are complementary.

For instance, you could experiment with a Peranakan-themed event. Probably works best if you were Peranakan. But even if you weren’t, you can surely find someone who is, and the colours alone will open a range of thematic possibilities.

In which case, you could use Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant. Or as they proudly claim to be, “Singapore’s favourite Nonya restaurant”.

peranakan food


This would be perfect for smaller sized events and would offer your guests and attendees not just something apart from the usual corporate functions but also a flavourful insight into a unique aspect of Singaporean food culture.

Of course if faux-European-styled designs and themes are what you are going for, then go the whole way. With someone like Luxe Catering, for example, who promise French food in “a sensual dining experience with experienced butlers and culinary chefs”.

Luxe Catering


No matter your choice, do remember that it is extremely important that food, taste and aesthetics contribute massively to the event. Make sure it is consistent with the rest of the programme.

Remember Your Guests

Of course, there is no event without its guests. Therefore, a good planner must always be totally aware of the interests and needs of the party. This, it goes without saying, includes the need to be sensitive to dietary restrictions. Ensure a vegetarian option if there are guests who require it and with a substantial percentage of the Singaporean population Muslim in faith, it is always prudent to have a halal-certified caterer providing the munchies. Worth considering is Kuisine Catering with their 4 sub-menus for a range of different event choices.



Recognizing the demographics of your guest-lists is also important in guiding your choice. If, for instance, it is a younger crowd, ensure that your dessert tables and the presentation of food is highly “Instagrammable” with a design aesthetic that fits closely with their tastes. In this regard, you can consider the comprehensive event formats of Orange Clove.



As a company that made the choice to expand into other areas of event-planning, you can be sure that Orange Clove will take a holistic approach to your event.

Think Outside The Box

Here’s a bit of a left-field idea. At Michael Jackson’s funeral, basketball legend Magic Johnson talked about being invited to the former’s house to discuss plans for a video. The chef took Johnson’s order and duly served him his grilled chicken. The King of Pop, however, was then served with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Johnson changed his order too.

The point is, if it is good enough for two men at the top of their respective fields, it might just be good enough for you. Admittedly, it depends on the tenor and scale of your event. Sometimes, though, taking a risk and popping up with pizza or fried chicken could just be the thing your event needs.


As promised, I tried not to give you a list of what’s good and what’s not with regard to food catering in Singapore. Hopefully, though, these three simple ideas will help you find the food experience that will make your event become a taste-fuelled success.


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