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Event Management Automation

Automation software for event management

Despite being at the top of Forbes’ Top 10 list of “most stressful jobs”, event management is quite a different thing nowadays, largely due to event automation. The truth is that a modern event organiser has plenty of tools at their disposal to optimise the whole process, and GEVME is one of the best.

What is event management automation?

Cloud-based event management platforms like GEVME are aimed at simplifying an organiser’s work and automating the event business. In many other areas of activity, there are already programs of this kind, but employees of the event industry are still seeking the best ways to properly automate their work and keep accurate records. Since the sphere is quite specific, there is no universal software that will work across the board. However, we created our product only after considering all the industry nuances and various needs.

Reasons for event management automation and the benefits you get

There are numerous benefits to using event management software for your event automation process. Using automation software for event management can end confusion and improve your event ROI, making it a great idea for professional event organisers.




Simple is better. With the help of reliable software, you can organise your resource management and manage your registrations easily. It’s extremely time-saving to apply event management tools, even without requiring any specific coding or specialised skills.


Reduce manual event tasks


Event management brings together several important business management and organisational skills that affect the outcome of numerous types of business meetings. Furthermore, you can achieve these results without any superfluous or monotonous manual actions. The platform does recording, reporting, and other key tasks for you, leaving more time for you to achieve practical event goals.


Time & Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness refers to how well money is spent. Time effectiveness means how well time is used. These two metrics both mean a lot for organisers. Their activity success is measured based on these two key indicators, as are their future business prospects.


Instant customisation

Managing the marketing for your event is an incredible automation option. It allows constant event customisation, including event details, depending on the client’s needs: logos, social media promo, software integration, landing pages, registration forms, or all of the above.


Who needs event automation?


Event organising agencies (wedding agencies, event agencies, decorators, food caterers, and other vendors), corporate event organisers, and event owners are beginning to automate a portion or their entire event management process. Generally, all companies in the field of organising events need a good automation program. There is no analogue of event automation software that can eliminate useless manual tasks better, even if everyone still uses Word and Excel!


How to automate the process of event management


Event automation is a good way to increase the efficiency, productivity, and coverage of your events. To automate the entire process of the event, you should analyse your particular event planning process in detail, look for the opinions of professionals, and choose the right event automation tools to optimise the event management process.

Processes of events that can be automated


The stages of the event life cycle almost completely correspond to the generally accepted stages from any other business project:

  • planning and preparation
  • the execution of work
  • the immediate conduct of the event, as a separate phase, and completion.
  • integration
  • documents, ethics, and creativity
  • strategic thinking and continuous improvement
  • analysis & reports

The main processes are the organisation itself, such as the process of resource allocation, communication, optimisation and the adjustment of solutions; scheduling and control of the schedule; risk analysis; and separately allocated marketing. These are also the stages that can be automated with the help of up-to-date event management solutions for the new generation.


Top 5 event automation solutions


You’re welcome to discover the top event management solutions and make the best choice that is suitable for your event business. Here are the Top 5 for you to check out!

  1. GEVME: To automate the event management process and cater to each aspect of your event lifecycle, the GEVME software platform integrates apps for registration, email marketing, social media promotion, surveys, reports, and analytics. Get your freshly baked event all in one place!
  2. HubSpot: Another leading software program among end-to-end tools that allows event organisations to manage their inbound marketing campaigns from one place and organise full-fledged events and brands.
  3. Silverpop: This is a platform that serves the needs of digital marketing, lead generation, data analytics, and buyer journey optimisation so you can automate management processes of events all in one place.
  4. Judgify: Judgify is a simple-to-use award management system for automating contests of any size and type. Reach out to your audience from a custom awards landing page in just a few clicks.


How to choose an event automation solution?


In order to choose the best event automation platform for your event organising business, you should consider the priority areas of expertise in organising events, which are:

  • Time management
  • Communications
  • Staff
  • Integration and project management for stakeholders

Stick to these areas while making choices. Additionally, you should pay attention to the speed of adaptation to changes—social, political, and economic—that have a high significance in the event sphere:

  • The possibility of a variable approach to developing an organisational structure most appropriate for a particular organisation
  • The speed of information sharing, including a detailed description of the product on the company’s website, etc.
  • Risk management techniques and tools




Automation software for event management can fully meet the urgent needs of any client. These programs have a lot of functionality that can fully adjust and automate the company’s processes based on client demands, and improve your overall event management work.


Use GEVME to automate your events. Feel free to leave your own comments in the field below!

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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