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Tuesday / November 24.

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Event Managers: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether it’s a marketing expo or an intimate networking event, there’s no denying the power of meeting face-to-face in business. The popularity of experiential marketing has grown dramatically in recent years, meaning more and more brands are looking to make an impact at the most widely attended industry events. For event organisers, that makes meticulous planning and preparation even more vital, in order to ensure that your shows stands out.

From making sure your event attracts the right sorts of attendees to keeping your audience entertained throughout the day, there’s a great deal to consider when organising an impactful event. There’s no shortage of competition in the events sector, which means avoiding the most well-known management mistakes is a must for any event planner. That’s why, today, we’re taking a look at 5 of the most common event faux pas – as well as giving you all the advice you need on how to avoid them.

1. Failing to find a suitable venue

From finding a suitable smaller-scale exhibition space to providing the perfect setup for a more ambitious trade show, size will always matter for event managers. A venue that’s too large could lead to problems with covering your overheads, but health and safety laws can create difficulties for organisers who are seeking a smaller space. Consider your expected vendor and attendee turnout prior to marketing the event, and be prepared to adjust your location should you need to. Whether that’s downsizing or moving to somewhere more spacious, it’s vital that your venue has the capacity to host the expected audience.

2. Underestimating the power of publicity

For both event managers and exhibitors, there’s nothing worse than an empty trade show. Attracting vendors is vital to ensuring that your event is an overall success, so invest time and effort into spreading the word ahead of the day. Use social media channels to network with potential vendors, and encourage them to try out the latest experiential marketing techniques at your event.

Whether your event is an industry-specific trade show or a broader exhibition, encouraging attendees to show up on the day is a must for an event manager. From paid advertisements to low-cost social media marketing, make sure you share the news about your upcoming event well in advance.

3. Forgetting to entertain your audience

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Whether you’re hosting a trade show or organising an exhibition that’s specific to one brand, ensuring that your audience is fully engaged will always be crucial. If you’re organising a professional event, corporate entertainment is key to keeping your attendees entertained.

For a day that’s sure to wow, it’s important to remember that there are no rules when it comes to event entertainment. With many businesses turning towards the more alternative ways of making an impact, live musicians and MCs offer a fantastic way of encouraging brands to exhibit at your corporate event. From inviting guest speakers to putting on live performances, these unique entertainment options will encourage attendees to make an appearance – as well as ensuring that they stay to see everything else you’ve got on offer.

4. Not live streaming the highlights

Many event managers make a concerted effort to publicise upcoming events, but neglecting to spread the word on the day can be just as damning. Businesses will place far more trust in your events company if they can see that you’re experienced in the industry, so show off your success with live streaming on the day. From filming the highlights to sharing positive feedback from attendees, utilising social media channels to broadcast live updates through the day is sure to generate even more interest for future events.

5. Failing to follow up

Following up may seem like a networking must that’s exclusive to vendors, but failing to follow up is actually one of the biggest mistakes made by event managers. For trade shows that are truly triumphant, always make sure that you encourage repeat business from your previous vendors. So, after a successful show, get in touch with past exhibitors and remind them of the returns they enjoyed as a result of exhibiting at your event.

Word of mouth is as effective as it ever was, so build lasting relationships with past vendors and encourage them to recommend your event management services to the companies they work with.

From the planning and preparation to ensuring the day itself runs as smoothly as possible, there’s a great deal to take into consideration when managing an event. But, from investing time into attracting attendees to maintaining a solid relationship with your clients after an event is over, it couldn’t be easier to avoid these common event management pitfalls.

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Jamie Turner is the co-founder of Actual Music – specialising in coordinating corporate event entertainment. With a team of experienced and passionate entertainers at its helm, Actual Music exists to deliver first-class entertainment to its customers – whatever the occasion.

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