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Event Marketing Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

Here’s what you should add to your event marketing manual in 2018

The sum of all the secret and everyday channels through which you communicate your value offers to a target community shapes your event marketing strategy. The impacts that your events produce depend on how well your marketing approach correlates with the latest trends.

Based on research of the most up-to-date event marketing wisdom and new data protection regulation, we’ve put together 10 hot trends that will impact your events in 2018. Check out the findings in the Infographic below.

Event Marketing Trends in 2018

Here’s what you should add to your event marketing manual in 2018

  • You will make your website messaging more targeted with the help of AI-powered services like Intercom or Drift.
  • 360-degree videos and the use of drones will be new event filming trends.
  • Augmented reality will be actively used in content creation.
  • Optimization of content for voice search will be a must-use technique.
  • Wearable technology and smartphones will create new capabilities for real-time crowd shaping.
  • Instagram will embrace more event-centered features which will make it more popular than Facebook.
  • Increasing investments in live events will be vital in 2018.
  • There will be more strong tools for event ROI analysis.
  • It will be necessary to start looking for services that will circumvent ad-blocking.
  • The new GDPR law will have to be considered by marketers selling to European clients.

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