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Wednesday / October 28.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Event Trends of the Future

Technology is no doubt a big part of the reality today for event professionals as well as for the audience. It has become integral in the way we inform, socialize and consume and in many ways, it has altered drastically how events are organized and attended. Sharing content or getting exactly what we want to know and offer has become sophisticated and sharper with the social media tools. The experience of events has largely been enhanced; their reach and level of engagement extended.

What used to be a journey into the imaginary is now a reality with technology.

Are you able to keep up with all the trends and rapid developments directly affecting the event industry – in the making and delivery of an event? Is it hard?

What does the future of events further hold?

Big Data & Privacy


It is incredible how we are able to collect and analyze large bulks of information but Big Data becomes most valuable when we are able to put it to good use. Events organizers are now able to us Google Analytics to find out which online campaigns are influencing registration or being discussed on social media and networks. It is also possible to track the movements of attendees with Wi-Fi, GPS, iBeacons, through tools like Topi and Loopd where you can have an idea what they up to. Existing platforms such as DoubleDutch can be used for acquiring and analyzing real-time data, as they are able to see what interest the session sponsors and attendees.

While technology is able to bring innovative ways and more complex data gathering and interaction toward a more powerful digital networking, it is vital to consider the privacy of event organizers and their participants. While there can be easily multiple event technology providers involved, where does the user data end up? More development is expected in this area, to make sure the data of customers is truly safe.

Improving Engagement, Community Building

improving engagement, community building

The audience is no longer a passive one. Events are becoming more experience-based to engage the attendees throughout and on a deeper level. This means finding new and relevant ways through technology to cater to an extended reach for the events.

With a tool like Speecheo, it can help attendees view presentations and take notes.

On the other hand Evolero heightens engagement by helping event professionals including the speakers, sponsors, and attendees to create a community before, during, and after an event by linking to social profiles.

This is where technology and experiences have to work together to create communities and facilitate the interactions between attendees even when the event is long completed. This leads to increased engagement and attendance numbers and clearly a better ROI for the event participants.

Personalized Experience

The access to all the data and the technology available makes it possible to provide for a more personalized experience. Events may eventually decrease in size into several smaller events catering to data segmentation.

Pathable and Goombal allows you to plan for such events – having access to the preferences of attendees, speakers and sponsors, shaping the content and creating the perfect event just for them.

Augmented & Virtual Realities

AR and VR technology is quickly gaining speed in the consumer market and spilling over into conferences and events. Integrated experiences are increasingly seen at events with photo booths, speciality drink bars or with other activity stations. They will soon take the whole event experience to another level for attendees, with organizers and designers considering them as options with the decor and stage backgrounds and the video presentations.

As this technology grows, creators and providers are finding more affordable methods to produce content which will encourage its integration the industry over.

VR has enhanced the way demonstrations are done at trade shows. It can provide attendees an amazing experience with a lot of physical products being brought in.

The ease of live streaming with new apps as Periscope and Meerkat, is largely influencing the industry too. Now imagine when VR peeks into it, it will be possible for people all over the world to attend and experience an event without physically being there.

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Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology
Next up on the technology trends that will impact the event industry are wearables. RFID, personalisation and a transition towards platforms will be made possible by Application Programming Interface (API) integrations. Featuring miniature electronic devices worn under, with or on top of your clothing such the Google Glass, NFC rings, theApple Watch, or the Cicret Bracelet, which is a piece of tech, a tablet on your skin.

One-Stop-Consolidation of Tools

One-Stop solution platforms  like GEVME and tools like Bizaboo are bringing all the tools needed to effectively manage, plan and run an event. They have the capabilities for event management and marketing, allowing to create website for your events, sell tickets, launch email campaigns, creatively allow for networking opportunities online and onsite and have onside check-in, together with the relevant mobile technology to facilitate.

There is certainly more we can add to the list of pertinent trends that is and will be making the future of events.

Stay tuned and relevant in the event industry for the future is happening now.

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