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GEVME Event Innovation at AMEM–SIEW 2018

GEVME Onsite Innovation at AMEM - SIEW 2018

As a trusted, innovative event technology vendor, GEVME was recently honored with the opportunity to power an international platform for energy technologies. Our team took responsibility for the entire cycle—from online registration to the onsite processes at AMEM–SIEW 2018. Through the use of advanced and newly developed technology, we automated onsite check-in and the management of all partners’ events within the framework of AMEM–SIEW and facilitated seamless communication on the ground at the conference.

Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) is an annual platform organized by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) and is a dedicated time for energy professionals, policymakers, and commentators to discuss and share best practices and solutions within the global energy space.
This year’s theme at SIEW was Transforming Energy: Invest, Innovate, Integrate and focused on the deployment and integration of new technologies and the growth in energy demand, which are transforming the energy landscape.


(Source: SIEW Twitter )

Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW)

(Source: SIEW Media Center)

To ensure seamless processes from start to finish, the GEVME team utilized the following technologies:

Registration & ticketing

Using GEVME Registration, the organizers were able to integrate the ticketing module with the event website. Interested participants could purchase tickets and choose to attend multiple events within the flagship event. Attendees were also able to enjoy a bundled discount when signing up for Singapore Energy Summit (SES) and one or more partner events at SIEW 2018. Choosing the desired ticket type, making a payment, and receiving a ticket with the QR code could all be accomplished within a matter of a few minutes.

Onsite check-in

onsite check-in SIEW 2018

(Source: SIEW Twitter)

During the first hour of the first day of the event, the team was able to check in 777 guests in approximately 20 seconds each for self-service and 30 seconds for assisted service. This was thanks to an upgraded version of the GEVME onsite system, on which multiple events’ information from GEVME can be flowed into one single crowd flow project.

This allowed the attendees to use their tickets purchased through GEVME Registration and to visit not only main events from SIEW but also events from partners, such as ACES, GAS, and SES, based on their ticket type. Attendees were allowed to attend events that they had previously chosen in the registration stage. Using their mobile phones or printed tickets, visitors could check in easily and get their name badges printed automatically.

Cross-event support

SIEW 2018 was a one-of-a-kind occasion with multiple events under one flagship event. The combination of these events was made up of more than 20 sessions. The GEVME onsite team did a great job managing the check-in process for over 10,000 guests by using an upgraded version of onsite check-in system.

( with advanced technology developed by the in-house team. )

This system has a robust rule engine allowed complex criteria to be set up for controlling access to certain sessions of four different organizations and partners during the event week. The in-house team also brought the main server on site from day one of the event and constantly checked the server and system stability to ensure the process of checking in would continue to go on without a hitch. On the second day of events, our team had the opportunity to identify a technical challenge with synchronization for data changes of new registrants. After a thorough investigation of server and connectivity status at the venue, the in-house team managed to bring the check-in process back to a normal pace.

A final note

Throughout almost two months of extensive support, from the online registration period until the event on the ground, our team went the extra mile to make sure every guest had a positive experience. SIEW 2018 was full of exciting challenges, and it was a great honour to assist EMA and its partners as they went above and beyond attendees’ expectations. The GEVME team looks forward to bringing about the best outcome for the next big event.

GEVME team SIEW 2018

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