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GEVME Just Received a Big Update!

Today GEVME is receiving a major update with a few cool and useful features for you as an event organizer. We hope that you will find these features handy and that they will help make your life as an event professional even easier. Below is a brief overview of the new features released and as usual, do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any question or feedback.

Publishing Checklist 
GEVME now has a publishing checklist feature that will help you and your colleagues make sure that you have settled all the most important items for your event before publishing it. The checklist is accessible and can be brought up in two ways:
  1. By publishing an event.
  2. Or on the right of the event strip, under the label “To-do”, by clicking on the “2/3 Tasks done” link for example:

For events that have payment, these will be the items in the checklist:

For events without payment, these will be the items in the checklist:

If/when you don’t have permission to access any of the items on the checklist (hence, not being able to mark them as Good to go), you will have to send a request to a colleague who has the permission to do so.

Which brings us to the next new feature, Workflow.

Building upon the user roles and permissions feature that we released a couple of months back, we’ve now weaved a workflow framework into GEVME. The way it works is very simple. If a user does not have the permission to perform an action (e.g. publishing an event, or setting up payment for an event), he or she will have to make a request to a colleague who has that permission. The colleague will then receive a notification about the request (by email as well as by a notification in the backend) and will then be able to either approve or reject the request.

As an example, when Peter (who does not have the permission to publish events, clicks on the Publish button in the checklist popup, he will be presented with the list of colleagues who have the permission to do so:

If he sends the request to Melinda, the latter will receive an email informing her about the request with a button to Attend to this request in the email:


When Melinda clicks on button in the email, she will then be lead to the corresponding screen in the backend (in this case, the Event Details page), with the Workflow Action Bar at the bottom of the screen:
Melinda can then choose to Approve or Reject the request:
Peter, on his side, will then receive a notification that the request was approved (explained in more details in the next section of this blog).
And just a little tip: the Workflow Action Bar can be collapsed by clicking the minimize button (  ) on the extreme right of the bar. When collapsed, the bar will show the number of unresolved workflow requests that you have to attend to:
In a nutshell, this is the new workflow feature.
GEVME also now has a generic notification panel accessible through the notification icon in the top right hand corner:
Down the road, the notification panel will be populated with information coming from various sources, e.g. your registrations (number of people registering), your email campaigns (when a campaign is going to be sent, or when a campaign has been sent), etc. however, for now, it will only contain notifications regarding your workflow requests:
You now have the possibility to send out surveys to your attendees under GEVME! The Surveys section is accessible from the left hand navigation menu:
Creating a survey
From the Surveys screen, this is the process to follow:
  1. Click on the Create New Survey button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Fill in the basic details for the survey, e.g. survey name, start date and time, Thank You message, etc.
  3. Setup your survey questions.
  4. Publish your survey.

Sending out your survey
Once your survey is created and published, you can then send out the link to that survey through an email. This is the proces to follow:

  1. Create an email campaign (or an email template).
  2. In your campaign, click on Add Content > Call to Action > Take Survey:
  3. This will create a Take Survey CTA button in your email. Edit the Take Survey CTA button by clicking on the pen icon:
  4. If you created more than one survey, you can change the link to the survey here, under the option “Link to”:
  5. Once you’ve linked the button to the correct survey, you can send out your email!
Viewing Your Survey Results
There are 2 places where you can see your survey results:
  1. Under an Attendee
    Go to the Attendee Sheet of the attendee, and click on the Survey tab:
    Under this tab you will see the surveys which this attendee has responded to. Click on the survey to see the attendee’s responses.
  2. Under Reports
    Under Reports, there is now a Survey tab, under which you will be able to see all the survey responses under each survey:


Waiting List
For you event organizers and event professionals, we’ve also added a Waiting List feature to GEVME. You can enable the waiting list for the ticket that you want, and the feature will then kick in as soon as the ticket is sold out.
Setting Up Your Waiting List
  1. Click on Waiting List Settings in the main left hand navigation:
  2. On Waiting List Settings screen, click on Enable Waiting List, then choose the ticket(s) for which you want to have the feature enabled:
    The Registration Limit Under Waiting List setting is the maximum number of registrations that you want to allow from people who are on your waiting list. For example, you might have 100 persons on your waiting list, but you want to allow only 10 of them to register. So 10 would then be the number to insert under Registration Limit Under Waiting List.
  3. To customize the form that the user fills up when getting added to your waiting list, click on the View/Edit the form button under Information to collect:
  4. To customize the amount of time that the user has to respond once you release a spot to them, change the settings under Time to respond:
  5. In addition to these main settings, you can also customize other things, e.g. the Thank You messages or the emails that your users receives, etc.
  6. Once these are setup, the Add to Waiting List link will appear for the ticket, once it’s sold out:

Managing Your Waiting List

  1. Once there are people on your waiting list, the Waiting List link will appear in the left hand navigation under Manage:
  2. On this screen, you will see the list of people who have been added to your waiting list:
  3. To release a spot to someone, check the box next to them and click on the Release Ticket button that appears in the action bar:
  4. The selected persons will then receive an email informing them that a spot has been release for them with a link to register.

That’s about it for the set of new features in this release. In addition to these, we’ve also made various other little improvements here and there throughout GEVME, both in terms of UI as well as performance optimization. As with anything new, you might need some time to get used to some of the new things, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any help or guidance.

Thank you for using GEVME and for sharing the journey with us. We’ll update you again once there’s other new features rolled out, and just to let you know, we’ve got quite a few interesting ones down the pipeline =)

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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