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Gift Ideas and Gadgets for Event Planners

Gift Ideas and Gadgets for Event Planners

Americans call it event swag. This is slang for “freebie” and includes creative gifts for event planners, which may actually become a principle of successful event gift technology. It is all about handouts, souvenirs, and gifts for event planners.

Occasions for gifts

Thank you gifts for event planners are an extremely valuable marketing tool that are always in demand at events. At the same time, organisers are constantly racking their brains over gifts to give the participants that fit into the budget. We have collected some relevant swag ideas for 2019. These are gifts that will make an impression on your event participants and you.

The 25 best swag ideas for 2019

It is best to give a pair of identical gifts to represent harmony. The best ideas will include a charity donation, present vouchers, high-tech gifts, useful books, funny gifts, and other affordable but memorable gifts.

Tech gifts

In fact, ideas for event gifts vary dramatically. It’s up to you to choose the right ones for a planned events session to provide to the event managers.

Branded headphones

Music accompanies our life around the clock: on a run, in the car, at work, and especially at home. People of various professions listen to music constantly, and it would be a sin not to use this idea for event planners’ gifts.

An environmental gift

An environmental gift is a progressive idea and is a real revelation for organisations involved in social projects. Surprise the managers with the ability to create their own green alley. The tree is presented in the form of a certificate with a sprout in a beautiful package.

Subscription-based gifts

Annual movie subscription 

Event planners are fond of movies just like everyone else. Give them an opportunity to attend new movies for a whole year with an annual cinema subscription.

Swag bags

Immediately after the registration has been completed, visitors are handed the welcome packages they will need to participate at the conference, and the planners are presented with their own gifts. The classic composition of the swag package includes a bag with thematic brochures, a notebook, pens, and more. Often, additional stationery, headphones, gadgets, and pleasant little surprises are added to the swag kit.

The ability to find lost items

Apps may also be a good idea. An app that will help them find their lost items has long been on the top of most people’s wish list. A sticker for finding a marked object that synchronises with their smart phone allows them to find absolutely any item to which it is attached.

The gift of relaxation

Other popular gift ideas for event planners are those that provide things related to relaxation and retreats.

Luxury overnight stay

A luxury overnight stay for their next event in a fancy hotel or spa resort with amenities included shows how much you care and appreciate their hard work while planning the event. Plus, staying overnight can help them recover from long event days and reduce stress and tiredness.

Spa certificates

You can arrange a spa weekend after the event is over and the planners have some spare time to take care of themselves or relax by using a discount from the event venue vendors or other suppliers.

Exclusive discounts

If you are a supplier looking to reward your favorite event planner after they repeatedly sent work your way this year, avoid the bottle of wine and give them something that they can keep using: EXCLUSIVE discounts.

Affordable gifts

Traveler’s map

Event planners travel a lot. They typically love to travel and explore new cities and countries. Because of this, they will appreciate a practical gift, such as a traveler’s map where they can “erase” the countries they have already visited with a special coin.

Interactive calendars

It’s best to trust the experts and develop a unique calendar design. A wall calendar with interactive elements can be created especially for the busiest planners.

Cute knick-knacks

Even the most persistent workaholics in the industry will be happy to receive a cute present to help them remember the event, such as magnets, bookmarks, and calendars.

What should not be given

Impractical, inappropriate, and expensive presents should not be given. Practical and useful things create long-term investments in company advertising and offer the things that planners can use in everyday life. Such gifts include office supplies, gadgets, computer peripherals, dishes, hats, travel accessories, and home textiles.

Tips on how to give a gift

You should be ready to present event coordinator gift ideas in the right place and time as well as provide the gifts you’ve chosen. Here are some tips on how to give presents.

If you need to prepare gifts, then this is what must first be considered:

  • Your budget
  • The reason why the gift is being presented
  • Tastes and preferences
  • The cultural background of the receiver
  • Their hobbies
  • Sense of humor
  • Traditions and rituals of the company
  • Business scope
  • Ambitions
  • Season
  • The speaker’s status
  • Demographic info (age, sex, etc.)

Engage vendors and suppliers to arrange gifts for event coordinators. It gives them a price edge over competitors and guarantees more orders being given to suppliers, plus it strengthens your business relationship. You can give some room (within reason) to your dreams.

Encourage event planners with gifts

To choose the best gifts for event professionals, do some thorough research, explore the market, take into account your budget and managers’ preferences, follow expert event management advice, walk around, or even ring up gift boutiques, hire the necessary vendors for items and services, use top-notch branding, and start preparing extraordinary swag gifts.

Feel free to share your own gift ideas in the comments below!


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