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Wednesday / August 12.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

How Events can change with Apple Watch in 2015

Back in February, we predicted how Apple’s iWatch can revolutionize the Events industry. Now that the Apple Watch is officially unvealed, we take a sneak peak at the possiblities that Apple Watch can bring to the Events industry.

Mood Monitoring

Apple is introducing Zirconia back with 4 sapphire lenses, with Infrared and visible light LED along with photo sensors detect pulse rate, thus able to translate that possibly into mood monitoring based on your pulse rate. Thus, you are then able to monitor the mood of your audience as compared to mood bands used in today’s ‘live’ events industry.

Business Networking

Since the watch is so close to your daily activity and movement, business networking could be brought to a whole new level with integration of push notification from your iPhone event app to the Apple Watch. Request for meetings can be pushed to your Apple Watch and with a touch, users can see, accept or reject meetings, and have reminders pushed to Apple Watch.

Gamification with Burn-rate

You can introduce element of gamification which also rewards activity milestones based on distance or calories burned, as the Apple Watch is able to track such activity level, bringing your mobile app capabilities (running on your iPhone) to a whole new level!


With Apple Watch integrated with Apple Pay, you can encourage participants to engage in donations linked with charitable organizations and since payment or donations is just a touch away, nominal sum donations can possibly be more forthcoming, if it is for the right reasons.

We are excited about the possibilities of the new Apple Watch and keenly await the developer kit to be released before we study the infinite possibilities further.

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