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How to Ensure Your Event Website is PDPA-Compliant in Singapore

How to ensure your event website is PDPA-compliant in Singapore

Let’s face it — capturing registrations through an online event website has made it really easy for event organizers like you to hit your registration targets. With a wide variety of online event management software such as GEVME readily available for your event needs, you are spoiled for choice. What’s the one deciding factor that could affect your event should you overlook it in Singapore?

Ensuring that your event website is PDPA-compliant.

Chances are, your website could be processing between 50 to more than 1000 registrations during your event registration period. You don’t want to have your website liable for any personal data protection issues just because one or two obligations of the PDPA act were not met.

Let’s take a look at how you can make your event website PDPA-compliant.

Get the consent of your attendee

attendee consent pdpa

Be it your registration form or mailing list subscription, state upfront your purpose so your attendees know what they’re about to give consent to. This could come in the form of a checkbox or radio buttons that you can customize in your form builder to register their intent into your system.

pdpa act openness

Don’t forget to state how their information will be used so there is transparency, which leads to building trust.

By doing the above, you automatically comply with the:

  • Consent Obligation
  • Purpose Limitation Obligation
  • Notification Obligation
  • Openness Obligation

Edit and capture accurate attendee information

gevme attendee form accuracy pdpa

If there are any mistakes in the information submitted by your attendee, be ready to update your attendee data within your event management software so you have the latest up-to-date information in your attendee database. Better yet — allow your attendees to edit their own information even after registration. Having these options ensure that you comply with the:

  • Access & Correction Obligation
  • Accuracy Obligation
  • Retention Limitation Obligation

2FA and locally stored data

gevme 2fa pdpa

Finally, to comply with the remaining obligations, go ahead and set up 2FA on your website to ensure that the personal data captured via registrations are completely safe. Furthermore, you want to work with an event marketing software that complies with the PDPA by limiting the transfer of data, ensuring that all data captured is stored locally within Singapore. Doing so will ensure your website complies with the:

  • Protection Obligation
  • Transfer Limitation Obligation


Handling personal data is no small matter. Build the trust with your attendees by being PDPA-compliant and rest easy knowing that the personal data that goes through your event websites are safe and secure.

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