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How to Make Full Use of Your Leads at Trade Shows

The main purpose for each event is to share ideas and build a networking platform for attendees. However, if you’re an event planner, your biggest lead source will definitely come through a trade show, an exhibition or even a conference. That’s a good way to start capturing new leads.

Very often, small, medium-sized companies or first-time exhibitors do not pay enough attention to the event marketing process of capturing and managing leads.

Have you been using the fishbowl method, allowing people to put their business cards into a bowl as they leave the booth? Have you been facing difficulties to qualify your leads based solely on your memory, Excel file data and business cards in the bowl?

Technology is going incredibly fast as time flies by and this is definitely helping event planners to manage event-marketing activities easily. Therefore, event organizers should make the most out of a trade show or conference by grabbing some golden opportunities which might not seem so obvious at first.

Here are 6 remarkable tips which will eventually prompt you into selecting the right lead scanning tool:

  • Simple interfaces/ Friendly usability: easy-to-use for visitors and exhibitors. By simply scanning the QR code or taking a picture of the business card, the app will get all contact information and eventually record the leads digitally.
  • Simple synchronization of all contact information across mobile devices and computer;
  • Integration with CRM and exhibitor databases allows you to make your sales process completely clear-cut.
  • Ability to follow-up the lead automatically. Getting the contact information, an App can therefore build a resourceful email list. You or your team will be able to send mail to a particular person instantly,
  • Data protection: Make sure your data is well-protected.

An Exhibitor Leads Scanning APP helps you in capturing leads, qualifying leads and keeping contact information all in one place at trade shows or any other events. Always look out for a simple solution that has all the necessary functions to meet your business needs. Hope this blog post helps you make the first step on the path of increasing the Leads tracking and you will find the right solution, which help you capture and manage more leads in your future events.

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