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How to Market an Event Planning Business

How to Market an Event Planning Business

Every event planner should know how to market an event planning business. For many small things and important details that accompany the organisation of an event, special attention must be paid to marketing and advertising. Indeed, one of the main goals of the event business is to increase one’s audience, so it should be marketed right.

Challenges along the way

As you continue to develop your event business, you may face various challenges. You are working in a highly competitive market and need to stay abreast of all the newest event trends.

You should always be ready to organise different types of events. Each type you serve has its own issues, and it can be difficult to focus on particular segments and identify your main client profile during different event organisation processes.

You must find time and resources to run your own marketing plans and promote your event planning business while also running projects for clients and many others. That is why it’s important to showcase in order to reveal your potential.

When you need to advertise your events, the team should be ready to complete various straightforward actions that truly impact and result in positive outcomes, such as advertising your event management benefits, making changes in your administration based on the present situation, establishing a commercial center of your event to control the benefits, and so much more.

How to succeed in the event planning business

The first thing you need to do is manage your time properly. Second, use a top-notch contest management platform. You can do so much with its help, and you can also create a buzz around your business by integrating it with social media or trusted public media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. The event audience is already associated with these web-based social networking sites. What’s more, these spots have become the best choice for event publicizing and advertising in order to market an event without many costs.

How to market an event planning business: 10 best practices

How to market your event business to make an impact and guarantee a great response from your target? Here are 10 ways to promote your event planning business.


Networking and getting referrals for your business are the first things to do and the best ways to market an event from the start. Associate your company with nearby business associations. Many referrals also come from former clients or sales managers. Keep in touch with them and remain on good terms.

How to promote your event business

Examine your business with different business pioneers to help guarantee that you’re the first name on their mind when they need an event coordinator. On the web, join proficient long-range communication platforms and social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to market and promote your brand. You can also hook up with big event planning companies this way.

Why it works?

Networking is critical in the business sector, and sales is particularly important. You should be well-recognised and reputable if you want to be sought after.

Online/offline advertising

If a whole site is dedicated to the upcoming event, name it wisely. The name should use a keyword that reflects the main idea of ​​your project. This technique will facilitate the search for the necessary information and also create a memorable image that will be associated with you and your brand.

How to promote your event business

Create an event website and promote it via social media, on your blog, and on other related/trusted platforms. A slogan, name, or word for the event should be constantly mentioned via hashtag in any material you decide to post online. If the event is conducted on your corporate website, make the link to the webpage as short as possible to make it easier for users to read the information.

Why it works?

Online/offline advertising is the first thing that brings results after active networking and communications since it has a wider reach.

Online & local listings

There are more than 50 top business listing websites where you can advertise your event  business for free. It’s vital to get your business listed on all applicable online directories, either regionally or worldwide. It may be a Yahoo local listing, which ranks third next to Google and Bing, or others. Choose the one that best suits your geography and audience or is the most sought after in your business niche.

How to promote your event business

With the number of online local business directories expanding almost daily, it can be tough to figure out which searchable directories you need. Simply go to the niche list and promote your business in the most related categories, the hottest regional category, or the most highly visited.

Why it works?

Having your business listed on as many online local directories as possible on a variety of local business listing websites helps search engines find your event business or events faster and pushes them up to your potential customers.

Use business cards

Make a business card as unique as your company, and give it out to your customers to make an impression. From the hundreds of attention-grabbing and high-quality business card designs, choose one that reflects your individuality and makes your event business stand out.

How to promote your event business

Give your business cards away at networking events, business meetings, and in any suitable situation. Long before the advent of electronic communication, business cards were among the best strategies to promote an event planning business. Ask your vendors (e.g., florists, caterers, and photographers) if you can leave a stack of business cards in their places of business.

Why it works?

Personal contact is vital in the formation of business relationships. Business cards are the best expression of your brand, apart from a personal greeting, handshake, or brief chat. No one ever invented anything that substitutes for this form of formal communication.

Social media

Social media is a powerful promotional tool in the modern age, so use it to the fullest extent possible. Focus on the benefits that await everyone who decides to attend the event. For faster sharing of information, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.

How to promote your event business

Social networks are full of information, so the announcement of your event may simply get lost! Think about how you can attract the attention of users in more engaging ways. Focusing on the interests and needs of the target group, describe your event business in the most creative way: run a social media contest, use original hashtags, share photos from your latest projects, etc.

Why it works?

Nothing works as well or as fast as public opinion, customer reviews, and viral content. This is a low- or no-budget way to effectively market your business.

Email marketing

Your marketing plan for event planning business should also include email. Now that most of the important points are in progress, it’s time to start a blog and make a fresh newsletter for everyone who has subscribed to it.

How to promote your event business

Even if there is a shortage of time to maintain your blog and control the newsletter, don’t forget to make regular updates in the group asking for reposts and send them via email. Email your current and former clients as well.

Why it works?

Email is an effective way to communicate with people. Most people don’t send messages to their work colleagues via Facebook message–they send emails. When Amazon ships a product, they don’t send a tweet, they send an email! People get information, updates, and more via email in order to keep it readily available and use it whenever needed.

Live streaming your events, post-event video clips

It’s time to organise your event remotely.  There are many reasons why you should be live streaming your events.

How to promote your event business

If you are streaming content live for a one-time-only event, your stream becomes rare, which is more likely to attract attention.

Why it works?

Streaming events and content live on the web makes it accessible to a global audience. This means that attention on your content can surpass any capacity limitations that a physical event would have, while also working to promote your event planning business globally.

SEO, content marketing

One of the most effective ways that event planners drive visitors to their site is through SEO and content marketing on event blogs and other web platforms.

How to promote your event business

Use tools like Google AdWords and Bing Advertising to launch, run, and analyse your campaigns. You should optimise your website and blog title tags and copy with keywords. Work on building mentions and back links to your site.

Why it works?

If you start by asking your networking partners for online recommendations/links/reviews, etc. this can help you with your organic search engine rankings and bring your event business to the top of the search rankings.

Trade shows

Trade and sales shows are good exhibition opportunities. An industrial fair will let you show yourself and network with relevant people. Event planners attend trade and other shows and walk the floor in order to interact with prospective clients or partners. 

How to promote your event business

Another strategy is when planners co-op with another vendor and share space promoting an event planning business, allowing them to split the costs while still having a prominent presence.

Why it works?

At trade shows, you can showcase yourself and get extra mentions via business cards, business collateral flyers, brochures, guest list, booth branding, networking, etc.

Volunteer your services

There are many reasons to volunteer your time and efforts for a good cause. You’re committing a few hours to community service and putting extra shine on your brand.

How to promote your event business

Be sure to thank the guests, sponsors, partners, colleagues, volunteers, and other participants who helped you promote and organise your event. Attentiveness, hospitality, and a warm attitude will be the key to fruitful cooperation in future projects.

Why it works?

When you volunteer your time and efforts regarding how to advertise an event planning business, you help to transform the lives of participants and create lasting change in your event community. This is one of the best ways to keep customers satisfied and coming back.

Creating your strategy, budget

The most critical keys to planning and implementing an event business is creating a marketing budget that gets results. So, start with your marketing strategy and allocate a budget.

  • Set your marketing budget
  • Allocate it according to the goals set
  • Implement your marketing budget plan
  • Consider the timeline

Regardless of the format and scale of the event, leave some space for the main organisational stage, which is promotion. Also, use the following effective tips for event planning business promotion.

Tips and ideas to promote your event planning business

Below are some excellent ideas for marketing, advertising and promoting your event planning business that you can use on your way to the top.

Provide excellent service

How do you know you deliver excellent service to your customers? Use real-life examples and cases from leading event organisers to improve the way you do your business. Collecting feedback is a good idea. Ask guests to leave feedback on event pages, in a group, or in a reply letter to the newsletter. Reviews will be a great way to advertise your next event.

Offering your services in return for someone else’s

Exchange your skills. The event industry is dynamic and changeable. Make friends with event specialists and related industry leaders, offer your services to them, and promote your event business. When you promise to buy something and someone else promises to sell it to you, you may have just made a contact! 

Plan your budget

You should carefully plan your budget so you can stick to it with our expert guide. Follow our budget planning tips and keep your finances under control. Remember, your goals don’t have to be set in stone, but identifying your priorities before you start planning how to promote an event planning business will definitely help. 

Contact every large business

The art of event PR does not require an academic degree and special training. Everyone has the power to attract the attention of the public to the upcoming event. Simply contact a restaurant or hotel in your area and tell them about your services.

Find other event planners

You should also identify the organisations in your area that conduct a lot of events and seminars and offer to arrange one for them. Join a local group or association for event planners and attend event industry trade shows to find even more opportunities.

Build good relationships with competitors

By diversifying your networks, you build new relationships. You should force yourself to go beyond the ordinary people in your immediate circle, or those you have known or worked with for a long time.  Instead, contact and nurture a real business relationship with at least one customer, supplier, and competitor. Some might give their overflow work to their subcontractors, but they may even ask you to work with them on their projects.

Provide customer service

There are different ways to start providing great customer service right away. Provide your help in many different ways to promote yourself: FAQs, online support, or any other success solutions. In order to provide good customer service, every approach is a good one. Look out for new ideas and ways to improve the services you provide.

Even if you have a highly competitive market, you should be ahead 

With effective ideas and tips on how to secure clients for your event planning business, you’ll be more successful at marketing your event business. No matter what you choose, make friends with your competitors or even think of a creative contest to hold. Let the audience know about it and then provide them with excellent service.

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